12 Recommended Online Baby Shops

There are so many shops selling baby clothes and products in the malls around us. However under the current situation it is far safer...
Speech Therapy Clinics in Jakarta

6 Speech Therapy Clinics in Jakarta

Has your child’s teacher expressed concern on your child's speech or language skills? Or perhaps, you notice an occasional stutter while talking to your...

Art Schools in Jakarta

Engaging kids to art activities can encourage their fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, and help them to process their own world. Art is...
Indoindians - India Club Children’s Painting Competition

Indoindians Event: Winners of Children’s Onsite Painting Competition 2018

Indoindians invited children 6yrs to 16 yrs to participate in our third painting competition to express their artistic impression on the topics Beautiful Green...

Fun and Educational Playgrounds in Jakarta

Where do you usually go with your family during weekends in Jakarta? Is it one of the over 175 malls in Jakarta? However, not all...
7 Foods that Help Kids to Grow Taller

7 Foods that Help Children to Grow Taller

Every parent want their children to grow healthy, strong, and tall. While your child’s maximum height is mostly determined by genetics, proper nutrition plays a large...
Indoindians Children’s Painting Competition on Sunday, 9th April at Hotel Westin, Jakarta

Indoindians Children’s Painting Competition on Sunday, 9th April at Hotel Westin,...

Are you looking for an exciting way to inspire creativity and engage children in art? Then our Children's Painting Competition is the perfect solution! Indoindians...

5 Indonesian #TraditionalGames for Children

Outdoor games are what makes any childhood beautiful. It is said to have a multitude of benefits from enhancing learning ability, experience physical development, ...