Does Ice Cream Really Cause Cough & Cold in Children?



You are probably familiar with the mindset that ice cream may lead to, or aggravate cough and cold in children. Even our parents would have stopped us from eating too much ice cream.

However have we ever questioned whether this is a myth or a fact?

Scientifically speaking, cough and cold are respiratory tract disorders caused by microorganisms and viruses, which are everywhere, especially if we don’t have healthy and clean lifestyle. So the culprit is not ice cream!


Humans have an auto-regulating system that manages both body temperature as well as temperature of the foods we consume.

When eat ice cream or other cold food, our body will adjust the food temperature to be equal with our body temperature.

This means that the cold temperature of ice cream that leads to infection of the respiratory tract. The sore throat and infections might be due to use of unhygienic, non-pasteurized milk or cream.

However, it is still wise to avoid ice cream and other dairy products during flu or cough. Milk can cause the mucus in lungs and sinuses to stick around longer, which may cause children to experience symptoms for a longer period of time.