5 Things You Can Do to Make India Unstoppable


This Republic day, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shares 5 things you need to do as an Indian to make India unstoppable:

#1 Take Pride In Your Roots

A good self esteem helps you to build anything in the world. This thing might begin with today’s youngsters who should be proud of their own roots. Once they are not proud of it, they will be considered as weak individual. Thus, take pride in your roots therefore your self-esteem will goes up.  A lot of people suffer from a lack of self-esteem in India and this needs immediate changing.

#2 Stay Away From Intoxicants

Did you know, the province of Punjab has been destroyed by drugs from across the border for a long time, which resulted Indians youths and several people addicted to drugs and facing uncertain future. Apart from province of Punjab, Kerala, Mumbai and Bangalore experience similar matter as well. Since it is genuinely sad and unbelievable thing, chucking out the intoxicants is a must and we request you to avoid all types of intoxicants sincerely. Drugs and alcohol deaddiction is a mandatory form for a progressive country.

#3 Participate In Social Service

Engage yourself in social activities, at least for one hour a day. Contribute your one hour to the nation. You’re still able to participate even if you are a housewife. Meanwhile general women are fond of conversation, you can go out and talk to the people on streets, in the slums, and to the under privileged people. Create groups to visit areas where underprivileged people are available. Sit next to them and talk with consolations. Talking activity potentially reduce people’s burden and worries. You may bring down their tension.

#4 Do Random Acts Of Kindness

Emotion lies in the basic core of every human being and this requires a few nurturing by random acts of kindness. Take a sankalpa/pledge to perform one random act of kindness in present and future.

#5 Improve On Your Talents

It is right time to improve your talents such as indulge your creativity and being multi-dimensional for instances . You have to be multi-talented as a youngster. When you pursue one line of education, never limit to equip, enhance yourself with other skills. If you are studying in engineering, attempt to learn cooking either. In case your future occupation is not an engineer, you still possess another skill as a cook. What else can I do? This thought frequently bear in my mind when I was young. I thought I was supposed to do spirituality then I used to put my hand in any opportunity. Explore your ability to be a multi-faceted personality eventhough you are not a master. A jack-of-all-trades is an excellent thing to do.  Of course it is very essential in improving your personality and engaging yourself in many fields.

The author is a humanitarian leader and the founder of The Art of Living organization. He can be followed on @srisri (on Twitter) & facebook.com/SriSriRaviShankar (Facebook)

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