Cincau Pudding Recipe by Hritika Deepak Babani


In Indonesia known most commonly as “Cincau Hijau”, or green grass jelly, the dessert is made from a plant that is botanically known as Cyclea barbata. A member of the Menispermaceae family, the plant is a slender vine with a hairy stem and spade-shaped leaves.

Making Fresh Cincau at Home


Cincau leaves
Cincau leaves

30 grams cincau leaves
350 ml water


Cut the middle stem of cincau leaves and other discolored parts of the leaves.

Wash the leaves with water.

Blender the leaves and water and strain through the milk bag the cincau.

Pour the solution into serving containers, such as, small cups according to your preference and allow the jelly to set inside the refrigerator.

Let it cool. Cincau jelly is ready

How to assemble pudding
There are as many variations to this pudding as your creativity.

Simple recipe

  1. Add vsoy multigrain milk to a bowl
  2. add cincau
  3. add cut fruits or fruits made into round balls.
  4. Add chia seeds or selasih.
  5. Serve it.

Note: To make it more nutritious you can later with bubur kacang hijau or bubur ketan hitam and add some gula jawa (jaggery).