#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava 


The Indoindians DIY workshop of homemade detergent and with Rita Srivastava, a green thinker and an advocate, was a success.

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava: deodorant workshop preparation

Rita provided all equipment and ingredients for every participant prior to the workshop. The first session was on how to make detergent. The formula is as below:

½ cup of baking soda
2 cup of washing soda
½ cup of citric acid
¼ cup of coarse sea salt
1 bar natural soap (grate the entire bar finely)

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava: participants waiting for instructions

Each of these ingredients has its own function before all of them incorporated as homemade detergent. Rita explained that baking soda serves as stain remover, washing soda softens water and eliminates dirt, also citric acid makes the color brighter or whiter. While coarse sea salt prevents color fading and  natural soap functions as practical cleanser.

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava: grating soap bar

She guided the participants to mix the powdered ingredients in its fixed amount. They combined baking soda, washing soda, citric acid and coarse sea salt each in large bowl. Afterwards, they stir it gently and add the grated soap bar as final part. Voila! The homemade eco-friendly detergent was ready to use. At the end, Rita shared secondhand large envelopes as wrapping paper for the detergent.

To use the detergent, you only need one tablespoon one-time usage or per regular laundry load. You’re also able to drop a few of fragrance or essential oil if needed. For washing load of towels only, add one to one and half cup of vinegar for a soft fluffy result.

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava: mixing ingredients

The second session was on a natural DIY deodorant without parabens ingredient and harsh chemicals.  Rita began by distributing the equipment such as smaller bowl and a tablespoon to blend the ingredients. She later introduced ingredients of this homemade deodorant:

4 tsbp of arrowroot powder
4 tbsp of baking powder
4-6 tbsp of virgin coconut oil
4 -5 drops of essential oil (as per requirement)

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava: Rita Srivastava explaining to participants

As the ingredients prepared, she explained the method to participants to blend arrowroot and baking powder early. They subsequently mixed it with coconut oil and store the mixture in small and large jar. Before putting it into the jar, they added few drops of essential oil for the fragrance.  More arrowroot can be added if it’s overly liquid. In case of sensitive skin, just add less baking soda. The consistency is to be like cheese spread.

Towards the end of the workshop, Rita gave away the recycled paper bags to each of participants which were created by herself. She also shared the prudent daily tips.

After the event, all participants got the opportunity to know each other, exchange tips and talk to Rita.

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