Indian Home Remedies

Indian Home Remedies

At the first sign of cold, cough or sore throat the following concoction never fails to work. Boil some tulsi (basil) leaves, a few black pepper corns and cloves (crushed) a little  ginger (also crushed) in some water till the mixture becomes dark brown. Add a little honey  and sip it piping hot. For only colds, juice of half a lemon added to this gives quick  relief. A few tulsi leaves boiled in water for the first cup of tea in the morning, taken  regularly is good for the heart and prevents frequent colds.

Isabgol (flea seed husk) taken with some hot liquid like tea or even water before going to  bed is quite helpful. Haldi (turmeric) boiled in milk along with figs also helps in  relieving constipation.

If there is discomfort in the stomach the immediate remedy is to quickly boil some a/wain (organo), zeera (cumin) in water, acid a little kala narnak (rock salt) and a few drops of  lemon.
Isabgol taken with yoghurt is good for loose motions. A banana. (not very ripe) also helps.

To keep bowel movement smooth and to avoid a constipated stomach eat plenty of fibre found  in green leafy vegetables, popcorn, porndge etc.

There are some food items which are worth more than their weight in gold. For instance garlic very useful for lowering high blood pressure, cholesterol, acidity; also acts as a  blood purifier. Amla (Indian gooseberry) contains the highest amount of Vitamin C and can be  taken raw or in juice form or made into chutney during season or as a morraba (sweet pickle)  out of season. Karela (bitter gourd) also contributes in keeping a check on blood sugar. Papita (papaya) is yet another fruit with sterling qualities; it helps to reduce cholesterol level and if taken daily keeps the stomach in top working condition. For lowering blood sugar nothing to beat jamun (Indian blackberry). The fruit may be eaten during season and  the seeds can be dried and powdered together with Methi (Fenugreek) seeds and a tea-spoon of  the mixture should be taken with water before going to bed.

As for beauty aids, you can make a moisturizer at home by mixing equal volumes of glycerine,  rose water and lemon juice. Keep in a bottle and apply on face, arms and legs to keep the skin soft and smooth.

For an effective face pack, mix sandalwood paste with a pinch of turmeric powder and a few  drops of lemon juice. Apply on face for 15- 20 minutes and wash with water. Please note that  sandal paste should be freshly made at home.

For rejuvenating dry skin use gram flour mixed with fresh cream, a pinch of turmeric powder  and a few drops of lemon juice. For oily skin use milk instead of cream.

Tomato juice, cucumber juice, orange peels can also be used for acquiring a healthy glowing skin.

To bring sparkle to your eyes add a few drops of lemon in a glass of water and splash your eyes with it. It might smart a little but see the result.

For strengthening the hair roots and getting rid of dandruff rub lemon juice into the scalp  after oiling the hair. Leave it on for 20 minutes or SO and then wash as usual.

Amlas (Indian gooseberry) are also very good for the hair. So if you have thin or falling  hair, eat a few amlas every day and also apply them to the hair roots. Boil six amlas in a  cup of milk till soft. Remove the seeds and mash into pulp. Apply into the hair roots and leave for 20 minutes and then wash.

These are some of the tips in the khazana. If followed correctly, these will definitely make a difference to your health and beauty.

The author is a senior civil servant.

Sore throat?Drinking a glass of milk in which 1 tsp. “haldi” has been added and boiled will relieve and cure a sore throat.
For painful body joints or muscles.Use frozen peas in polythene bags as they act like small iceballs and help in giving a good massage.
To remove stains from teeth.Add a drop of clove oil to the toothpaste before brushing your teeth.
For clearing sinuses and blocked nasal passages.Boil Eucalyptus leaves and steam with the same water. Alternately, add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water and steam.
Suffering from acidity?Chewing on a few tulsi leaves will relieve burning, nausea and gas. For those with a sensitive stomach – add tulsi in any recipe using tomatoes.
Constipated?Have an apple to cure constipation.
Have honey for an itchy throat?Having honey will relieve the itchiness as it moisturizes the throat passage and has curative properties.
To make the taste of medicine palatable for children.Make them suck an ice cube before taking the medicine as the cold chills the taste buds and the child will take the medicine without any difficulty.
Bite a clove to ease a toothache.Biting on a clove or rubbing clove oil on the tooth cavity itself will relieve the pain.
Slim fastBy eating a tomato everyday before your breakfast for two months and it will help you slim down.
Painful gums and bleeding teeth?Apply a powdered mixture of 500g. of green guava peel with 10g. each of phitkari (alum), kali mirch (black salt) and sendha namak (black salt) on your teeth twice a day and this will provide relief in less than a week.
Cure for constipation in babies.Give them ½ tsp. to one teaspoon of homemade ghee with a few granules of sugar and juice of black currents(draksh) soaked overnight in water can be given to the baby in the morning. Both, the ghee-sugar mixture and currant juice, can be given once a day.
Stomachache due to dehydration ?Chew betel leaves with a few rock salt crystals. It gives immediate relief.