Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Stop, Reset, Refresh

Namaste friends,
May the divine grace of Lord Rama always be with you. Happy Rama Navami.
In the midst of the pandemic lockdown, we have the opportunity and time to stop, reset and refresh our mind. Take a well-needed break from all the news coverage over coronavirus.ย  Keep calm and focus on your emotion and physical well-being.
Do join the Indoindians WA group to keep connected and support each other.
Just FYI in case you have any symptoms related to Covid-19 in Indonesia, first step is to call these hotlines:
KEMENKES RI: 021-5210411, 081212123119
DKI Jakarta: 112, 119, 081388376955
Or get free medical consultation here:
the list of hospitals in Indonesia that currently do screenings:
Take this time at home to give yourself a little extra TLC, practice social distancing and here are some suggestions to refresh your mind:
– Easy Made Pizza and Orange Coffee Cake Recipes
– Mindful Exercises
– Recommended Health and Fitness Mobile Apps
– Tips and Trick to Work From Home
– Creative Hobbies to Take Up This Year
– Best Picks of Meditative Techniques
Be resilient,
Indoindians Team