PT Infotech Solutions Digital Transformation Online Monthly Sessions

PT Infotech Solutions Online Session - Digital WorkPlace
PT Infotech Solutions Online Session - Digital WorkPlace

Information and Communication Technologies are indisputably the key drivers across major industries. Effecting major changes in our lifestyles – in the way we communicate, commute, keep fit and healthy, shop, transact and entertain ourselves.

The mission of Digital Transformation Connect is to provide an interactive, high-level platform for the exchange of ideas, best practices and timely perspectives during these turbulent times. Digital leaders will share insights into the business application of digital transformation.

Six key topic areas have been identified to offer a deep dive into:

  1. Digital Workplace on Tuesday, Aug 11 from 11am – 12 noon.Register at:

    Keynote address by Dr. -Ing Ilham A Habibie, MBA
    Chairman, National ICT Council (Wantiknas) & Co Founder, Orbit Future Academy.

    Prashant Gokarn – Co-Founder, DigiAsia
    Rajat Sagar – President Director PT Infotech Solutions

    Sachin V Gopalan – Co Founder & CEO, Orbit Future Academy

  2. Customer Experience,
  3. Emerging Technology,
  4. Digital Product Innovation
  5. Digital Delivery,
  6. Digital Transformation in the Media Industry.

Each monthly session will be 1 hr in duration with a keynote speech followed by a moderated discussion, interviews and panel sessions on the topic identified for that month. Audience engagement via Q & A and other features to make the online environment valuable.

About PT Infotech Solutions (

PT Infotech Solutions empowers media convergence with software products and solutions for the Media & Broadcast Industry, E-commerce, and other ICT related services, to enhance enterprise efficiency and profitability. PT Infotech has developed quality business software products for the Broadcast industry – For TV, Pay TV Internet Media, Radio, Cinema, Mobile, Advertisers, and associated service providers, its Digital Media team engages in Consultancy, Software development and Support services.

Infotech’s vision is to provide technology solutions to efficiently manage convergent media business processes pertaining to content, advertising and consumers.