10 Reasons to Skip


There is absolutely no excuse for you not to exercise when theres skipping. Because.

1 You don’t need a gym membership or a home gym to do it.
2 If the ceiling in your home or office or hotel room is high enough, you can even do it indoors when it rains.
3 Its a solo sport so you dont need to rely on team mates.
4 Its cheap. All you need are comfortable clothes, sports shoes with plenty of shock absorbency and a jump rope to get going.
5 You dont need special skills to enjoy it. Its so easy even kids and animals can master it.
6 Its an alternative form of cardiovascular exercise. It works the heart and lungs.
7 It works the arm and leg muscles at the same time.
8 You dont have to skip a days practice even when you travel.
9 You can choose to skip around a designated area or on the spot-both are equally beneficial.
10 Its fast and 20 minutes of non-stop skipping burns approximately 208 calories (more than kick boxing and basketball!).
10 Did you know that jumping rope is one of the most effective forms of exercise and can be done almost anywhere? Best of all, it costs next-to-nothing!
10 Jumping rope could well be the best cardio exercise you arenโ€™t doing so get yourself a great speed rope and start jumping your way to fitness now!