14 Nail Polish Hacks To Try

14 Nail Polish Hacks To Try

Usually Nail polish is used to color your nails and make it look more attractive and fashionable. However, nail polish can be used it in a multitude of ways, for rusty jewelry to shoelaces – don’t throw away that bottle of nail polish for it might be of use to you later on!

Here are some tips for using nails polish:

Tying the ends of frayed shoelaces

Don’t have time to buy a new one? Dip the frayed end of a shoelace in a bottle of nail polish, then twist it to dry. This will harden the edge of the shoelace, giving you time to buying new nail polish.

Protect and Repair Scratched Shoes

Often shoes, especially on the heels or the forefoot, are scratched due to careless use. To fix this, simply apply clear nail polish on the problem area. In addition to covering the damage, clear nail polish also functions as a protector so that the area will not be scratched again.

Making Buttons Last

If your buttons often fall off, apply nail polish to the thread stitches in the middle. That way, the thread is not easily dislodged and scattered.

Keeping the Matches Burning

If you’re going camping but it’s so humid there that it’s hard to light a match, nail polish will be there to help! Before leaving, dip the tip of a match in nail polish. Guaranteed, your matches will be lit even on a rainy day.

Prevent Rust

If the bottom of the tin can is wet (such as a bottle of hairspray or other hair products) and is placed on the dressing table, the table will definitely rust. Avoid this by apply clear nail polish to the bottom of the can.

Makes It Easy to Insert the Thread in the Needle

Sometimes just inserting the thread into the eye of the needle is a difficult task. However, if you apply a small amount of nail polish to the end of the thread, it will become stiffer, making it easier to slide through the eye of the needle.

Prevents Certain Jewelry from Leaving Green Stains

Some jewelry of low-quality will usually leave a greenish stain on your skin. But you can keep the poor quality a secret by coating the inside of the jewelry (which is in contact with the skin) with transparent nail polish, so that no more greenish stains stick to your skin.

Preventing Jewelry from Fading

Again, jewelry that is of poor quality can be protected with a layer of transparent nail polish so it doesn’t fade and maintains its shine.

Glue Envelopes

Think of it as a substitute for glue, where you can apply nail polish on parts where there is supposed to be glue and close the envelope. Done!

Preventing Nail Tear From Worsening

If your nails are torn, don’t cut too much of it off. You can overcome this with these tips, cut a few unused dip test bags. Layer it over your torn nail, then coat it with transparent nail polish. Only after that you can use another color nail polish according to your desire.

Prevents Cuts on Your Tights from Getting Wider

They say this is the most popular trick, because it has proven to be very effective. Apply a small amount of transparent nail polish to both ends of the cut, so it doesn’t get any wider.

Attaching Loose Jewelry

Since applying glue can detract from the beauty of your jewelry, you can stick stones that fall off with transparent nail polish.

Marking Keys

Various colors of nail polish can help you distinguish the keys you have (besides keeping your keys looking more colorful).

Tighten Loose Screws

Loose screws on pots or household utensils often make you worry that the furniture will be damaged. Apply a small amount of nail polish to the loose part of the screw and the screw will tighten again as usual.

What do you think about these tips? Have you used any? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!