5 Health Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp

5 Health Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp

Rock salt lamps are large pieces of Himalayan rock salt that are mined from the foot of the Himalaya mountains. Due to minerals that creates its pink hue, it also contains more benefits for our environment and health.

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Here are the benefits of rock salt lamp:

1. Cleans the air

If you have a history of asthma, of course that a room with clean air to always welcomed in order to breathe well. Well, this salt lamp has ions that can suck and store air pollutants onto the rock surface, so it can make the air circulation cleaner and free of allergens.

2. Helps to breathe easily

Besides being able to attract air pollutants, the salt particles found in salt lamps are also believed to help thin the mucus in the nose when you have a cold. That way, you can breathe more smoothly.

3. Makes you sleep better

Salt lamps have a dim light so they are believed to reduce a person’s stress level. After all, blue light present in screens or even regular lighting can prevent one from getting their needed rest. Additionally, you can add aromatherapy in the room. A very fitting combination indeed.

4. Improves mood

According to a study from Karachi University, Pakistan, exposure to salt lamps can increase levels of the chemicals serotonin and tryptophan in the body. Because both are linked to mood regulation, salt lamps have been linked to reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.

5. Promotes relaxation

The benefits of ionizing salt in the lamp are believed to be calming and increase one’s relaxation. Not only that, but the color that it produces (orange, yellow, red) helps through chromatherapy (color theory) which aids in stress, among other uses.

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