5 Music Schools in Jakarta


Some people are born with musical ability. Many gifted kids can play instruments from a very young age without taking any music lessons. If your child is one of them, enhance their music talent with experienced tutors.

Learning music improves spatial learning, coordination and performance in studies, as has been researched.

In Indonesia, especially Jakarta, there are music schools where kids (or even parents) can learn music. They will not only learn the techniques, but can also expand their connections to help them jump into the music industry later. These music schools even offer international examination and certifications.

Check out this our list of the best music schools in Jakarta:

Yamaha Music School

yamaha music school

Famous music brand Yamaha opens music course for students in Indonesia. In Yamaha Music School, students will not only be taught to play music, but also be trained to create melodies and song composing. The courses are open for kids (from 2 years old) and for teen and adults as well. For those who want to be a professional performers or music trainer, there are also Professional Performance Course and Teacher Training Course in this music school.

The schools are located in almost every major city in Indonesia. For more details about locations and contact, click here.

Purwa Caraka Music Studio


Purwa Caraka Music Studio is a company that dedicated for music education. Founded by a well-known Indonesian musician Purwa Caraka, it offers an extensive range of music courses for kids to adults. To support the skill enhancement for the students, there are also in-house and annual performances that exhibit the student’s musical talents.

Head Operation Center
Ruko Golden Boulevard 2 Block W2 No 10-11 BSD City, Tangerang
Phone 021-53163506
Other branches can be viewed here.

Elfa Music School

elfa music school

Elfa Music School is also considered as one of the best music schools in Indonesia. It was founded by Elfa Secioria, a famous musician and composer from Indonesia. It is one of the parents’ choices of music school for their children to explore the world of music wider. It is also one of the famous vocal schools, which has created famous Indonesian singers such as Sherina Munaf.

Elfa Music School Fatmawati
Komplek Golden Plaza (D-Best) Fatmawati, Block C-5 & 6, Jalan RS Fatmawati South Jakarta
Phone 021-7692507 / 7656049

Sekolah Musik Cantata

sekolah musik cantata

Founded in 1991, Sekolah Music Cantata was designed to develop the music skills from the very young age. It offers two certificates from Trinity Guidhall and Rockschool. There are private and group sessions for students in each program—from classical music to music theory programs.


  • Kelapa Gading Square, Rukan French Walk Block K No 18-21, Mall of Indonesia, North Jakarta
    Phone 021-45867189
  • Sunter Mall 3rd floor No 5 North Jakarta
    Phone 021-65832892
  • Ruko Sentra Eropa, Blok D/06, Kota Wisata Cibubur, East Jakarta
    Phone 021-84932312
  • Other locations can be checked here.

Sekolah Musik Duta Nada


Sekolah Musik Duta Nada uses European standard for its courses. The curriculum refers to ABRSM Royal Schools of Music in London, UK, so all students need to learn all kind of important pieces/repertoires. Sekolah Musik Duta Nada provides courses for piano, guitar, violin, and vocal for its students. Each year, the students will be sent to take ABRSM examinations during spring and fall semesters.

Rukan Permata Buana, Jalan Pulau Bira Raya B9 No 3 West Jakarta
Phone 021-5806056

Music isn’t only a medium to express emotions that can’t be described in words. It is a universal language everyone can understand. For children, it also helps to develop their cognitive abilities and their brain as overall. So, either for preparing your kids to be a professional musician or just want your children to learn something new, music course is worth to try.


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