5 Personal Safety Apps For Everyone

5 Personal Safety Apps For Everyone

Technology has made anything possible. From sending messages through the internet with a click of the button to simply calling people in different parts of the world, anything and everything is achievable. Another aspect that is important for technology is to keeping us safe. If you ever found yourself in a situation where your safety might be compromised, technology may be the key to helping you.

Here are some apps to keep you safe:


BSafe is not only an emergency application, but is also designed so that users can connect with your friends while on the move. The user can send an alarm signal or SOS button when in danger, and the receiver of the signal will know where the user is. Even signal receivers can also see and listen to conversations in real time with live streaming.

This application is also equipped with a GPS where you can ask someone to monitor and pay attention to users when they return from a trip with GPS. Other than that, you can also make fake calls to get rid of the people you feel uncomfortable with.

Red Panic Button

As the name suggests, this application gives users ease when in a dangerous situation, by pressing the Red Panic Button. You only need to set a phone number or email which will later receive messages about the user’s location via GPS. Inside it is also equipped with an emergency number menu that is called when pressing the Red Panic Button. Besides being able to send location information, you can also send audio, photos, or videos.

My Safetipin

This application is designed for security and life safety, where it can help users to find out a location based on an area’s security score. My Safetipin can calculate the safety score of a place within 9 parameters and based on contributions from users.

Safetipin also collects data on the safety of women in public spaces at night. The menu in it allows you to find out whether the area has sufficient lighting, the availability of paths, the availability of public transportation to the presence of police or security guards around the location.

SOS Lifesaver

Well, the next application is SOS LiveSaver which is a sophisticated emergency application that you can use to deal with two emergency situations. Situations include life-threatening situations and personal emergency situations, where you are in urgent need to an urgent service or an urgent professional. You can also use the “Call me back urgently” feature which allows the three people closest to you to receive it, prompting them to call you.

When you are in an emergency situation you can press the SOS situation button which is on the main screen, where you can also get a siren warning. Then the recipient of the message will know detailed information about our distress, including a map location, and an emergency call button.


Carelife is a personal safety application or an application focused on the safety of women, girls, parents and children. You can use emergency SOS features such as offline location tracker and a verified disaster alert.

Like the previous application, Carelife can also send emergency information or SOS messages containing your location to the contacts you have previously registered. This application also does not require an internet connection for the feature to function.

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