5 Tips for Grocery Shopping During COVID-19 Pandemic


During this pandemic, people are told to #stayhome and #workfromhome. But when the stock at home is decreasing and you are running out of food, you have no choice to but to go to the grocery store. Don’t be afraid and prepare yourself calmly before you go. Although it’s not recommended, you can still go to the store but with with caution on every step of the way.

Here are tips to go shopping during the coronavirus pandemic:

The Right Time and Location

In order to avoid crowds, you need to choose a time when the grocery store doesn’t have that many customers. Perhaps you can go shopping in the early morning when the store has just opened or in the afternoon when people are at work. Other than that, you can choose stores that are not popular. The smaller the better, although you have to make sure the store provides items or ingredients that you need.

Make A Shopping List

While the situation is still dire, it’s better to stay at home. However grocery shopping is one of the activities that you cannot put off or avoid as it fulfills your daily needs. Making a detailed shopping list is therefore crucial, as you will need to make a complete list of everything that you need at home. This includes food, toiletries, cleaning supplies and many more. Make sure you include all types of vegetables, proteins and seasonings based on your menu plan for the coming days. When making the shopping list, you can also make travel plans on which stores you plan to visit.

Bring Your Own Bag

Panic buying has caused several stores to run out of plastic bags. For that reason, you will need to bring your own bag while grocery shopping. Shopping will be easier as the cashier will not need to reach for new plastic bags. Not only that, but you will also reduce plastic waste which is not environmentally friendly.

Don’t touch all products

During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s better not to touch all the products on display. The reason is because packaging can contain bacteria and virus from other people touching it. Just imagine how much bacteria and germs are stuck on the packaging. What you can do is to choose products carefully before touching it. Pick a product, watch out for condition of packaging and expiration date. After deciding on the particular product, take it from the shelf then put in the trolley or basket.

Use non-cash methods of payment

Cash can be a media for the virus to transfer. It could be the money we give to the cashier or the change that we get. For that reason, it would be better to use non-cash payments to go shopping. This is to prevent the spread of virus, since there is a limited amount of people who touch debit and credit cards compared to cash.

What tip above is the most useful? Do you have any other tips? Tell us in the comments section below!