6 Most Popular Cable TVs in Indonesia

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Cable TV offer a variety of international channels, where you can watch English-speaking or English subtitles to the shows you are watching. That does not exclude important channels like news channels and entertainment channels like children’s channels.

Here are the 6 most popular cable TVs in Indonesia:

  1. Indihome

Indihome was previously one of the products from PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia. This service which is called the ‘Indonesia Digital Home’ is a 3-in-1 service product. By subscribing, you get a telephone service, internet and television channels. All in all, indihome is a much more wholesome product than its previous counterpart, the Speedy.

This service product can be said to be popular in Indonesia. The reason is because Indihome offers a lot of ease for its customers. The packages offered are also relatively affordable. Just by paying Rp360.000 each month, you can enjoy all of its benefits. The company also offers add-ons to the basic package, all according to your preference. Unfortunately, this service only works on areas which is reached by Telkom’s fiber optics.

2. Indovision

Created on the 8th August 1988, Indovision is a product of PT Media Nusantara Citra (PT MNC Sky Vision). In the past, Indovision was once the best TV cable channel in Indonesia. How could it not be? The Indostar-2 satellite that is used by indovision is one of the biggest satellites in Asia. The quality is also something to be proud of. Their reach is wide and does not get affected even during the worst of weathers. At this moment, Indovision has become one of the biggest players in the cable TV services. It offers hundreds of TV channels from HBO, Cinemax, Fox, BBC, and others for selama 24 jam nonstop.

3. Transvision

The Transvision company has already operated since 1996. However, the name at that time was still telkomvision. During the year 2009, this company changed its name to YesTV. It was only on the year 2013 that businessman Chairul Tanjung bought 80% of its shares and changes it to become Transvision. Transvision is a TV subscription company that uses the MEASAT-3b satellite.

The choices of channels that is offered by Transvision has been curated to be the best, with HD-quality visuals in almost all channels. TransVision is free from any wave interference, making the experience of watching TV a spectacular one.

4. Biznet Home

Built on the 12th December 2012, Biznet is a Cable TV service is a favorite of many consumers especially companies. Those who founded this company are Adi Kusma, Kristian Kawiran, dan Husin Suhaidi. Currently, this product has already been in three islands in Indonesia including Java, Batam and Bali. This meant that dozens of cities in the archipelago can already enjoy its facilities. Biznet’s packages starts from about Rp300.000-600.000 which includes internet and more than 65 television channels.

5. First media

The next best TV Channel subscription is First Media. This cable TV is owned by Lippo Group. Launched on the 22nd October 2008, this company was previously named Kabel Vision and Digital 1. However, since Lippo Group gave an investment of about $650 million, the name has been changed to First Media.

First Media offers unlimited high-speed Subscription and Wi-Fi TV services. First Media provides 179 national and international TV channels with HD picture quality. The cheapest package offered by First Media is Family Plus at a price of Rp 243,000 per month. With this package, you can access the internet at speeds of up to 15 Mpbs and enjoy 119 TV channels.

6. MNC Sky Vision

MNC Sky Vision is a subscription TV company that provides 137 of the best TV channels with 32 exclusive channels. MNC Sky Vision is the first cable TV company to use satellite in Indonesia. The services provided by this cable TV are able to reach all of Indonesia. With a strong signal, the resulting picture is of high quality.

To subscribe, there is a Family Pack package worth Rp 109,900 per month with 59 TV channels. Additionally, you can also subscribe to add-ons priced from IDR 49,000 per month to IDR 69,000 per month depending on the package. For internet packages, you have to pay more for special internet bundling. The cheapest package is the 20GB Indosat Ooredoo Super Bundle, which is priced at Rp 220,000 per month.

What do you think about these cable TVs? Do you have any other recommendations? Share your experience in the comments section below!