7 Reasons You Should Get Vaccinated Even When You Have Been Infected or Exposed to COVID

7 Reasons You Should Get Vaccinated Even When You Have Been Infected or Exposed to COVID

COVID-19 vaccines of all kinds have been wrapped up in rumors, hoaxes and scandals on its own. There are many hearsays about how it works and its effectivity. One thing is for certain that it needs to be administered to people in the age range. Yet one of its controversies is whether it should be given to people who have been infected or exposed to the virus.

Here are the reasons why people should get vaccinated, even if they had been infected or exposed to the virus:

  1. The first reason why people who have contracted Corona or COVID-19 still need to be vaccinated is because the drug for COVID-19 or corona has not been found or is not available yet.
  2. The second reason why even if you have already been infected but still have to be vaccinated is to strengthen the body’s antibodies. When one is infected by the virus and recovers, they may still have immunity but it is unpredictable. On the other hand, vaccines ensure that when Corona or the Covid-19 virus attacks again, your immunity is much stronger.
  3. The third reason is because the spread or transmission of the covid-19 virus is so fast. People need to be very careful of new or alpha variants, as the transmission rates are quite high for coronavirus. The situation is so dire that even experts cannot predict when this epidemic will end.
  4. The fourth reason is that this covid-19 virus will not disappear from the face of the earth and will become a common disease. Therefore, the Indonesian government makes an effort to vaccinate at least 70% of the population to achieve herd immunity.
  5. The fifth reason is that humans must learn from history or the past. There have been numerous diseases over the years, which has caused casualties as the cure have not been found until now. So to anticipate or reduce the number of victims, it is necessary to vaccinate.
  6. The sixth and most important reason why you need a vaccine even though you have been infected with COVID-19 before is so that the pandemic will end soon. This is certainly the hope of every human in the whole world.
  7. Finally, the reason why you should still get vaccinated is that with a vaccine certificate, you can easily enter and leave the province and stay at a hotel. Other than that, all administrations that require a COVID vaccine certificate can be processed easily and smoothly.

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