8 Agendas To Help You Stay Productive

8 Agendas To Help You Stay Productive: Erica 503

With the new year coming up, you are sure to have more things coming up on your plate. Our solution is to have an agenda for recording schedules and other important things for work. Now, with so many options available, you must be confused about which one to choose, right? Based on your preference and lifestyle, you may need to buy a different agenda.

Here is our list of different agendas you can buy:

SHT Leather Notebook Bullet Journal Bottega A5

The first product recommendation is called SHT Leather Notebook Bullet Journal Bottega A5 which has a timeless and elegant appearance. This agenda book is available in 5 attractive colors, namely Gold, Black, Blue, Navy Blue, and Pink. There are 3 choices of paper models, namely lined cream, dotted white, and lined white. You can make this agenda more personal by embossing your name on the cover.

Deli Concise Notebook

Want to look elegant and classy while carrying an agenda book? Deli Concise Notebook Notebook has a timeless design from a leather cover that is really good. There are two sizes to choose from, 16K and 25K. This agenda book contains 120 sheets of paper that you can use to record all your activities throughout the year.

Pages in a book are lined like a notebook to make your notes neater and easier to read. The book cover is black, making it suitable for both men and women. In fact, this agenda book can also be used by students as a lecture notebook.

Xiaomi Mijia Kaco Green Noble Paper NoteBook

The Xiaomi Mijia Kaco Green Noble Paper NoteBook is more than just a notebook. In addition to a very elegant design, this book is also equipped with a cover that provides many slots for storing important items. Pens, cards, and even your smartphone can also be stored in the same container. Very practical and doesn’t bother you when you take it anywhere you go.

One of the available slots on the cover of this agenda can be used to store an 8-inch mini tablet. Notebook Paper comes in a grid format so you can place notes more easily. The available color options for this cool agenda book are black and gray.

Joytop 365 Daily Planner

This agenda can help you to organize your schedule every day of the year. With a hard cover that has a cute design in a sweet pastel color, this agenda book looks very elegant and beautiful. This product also has a border inside, which you can insert so you don’t forget your notes.


Miniso is a brand from China that has various types of products with the best quality, but with affordable pricing. Miniso’s products also include an agenda book. This agenda book is ideal for use during college because it has a plain cover and only has two colors, namely brown on the front and black on the back which looks classy.


Even though the cover is made of traditional cloth, the design is not old-fashioned at all. This agenda book tends to look neutral because it is only in the form of vertical lines with bright color combinations. Itโ€™s perfect for those of you who like beautiful unique traditional accents which are rare and not mainstream. Writing notes is no longer a boring thing!


Need a reminder for your daily activities? You can record it in an agenda book that is equipped with the date and month on each page. Moreover, each line of this book is also equipped with the time of day. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting or not being on time, because you can add your schedule in that column.

Erica 503

It is undeniable that Indonesia has a variety of art forms, one of which is batik. And now you can use batik not only as clothes, but also as an agenda book. For those of you who like distinctive traditional batik designs, the following agenda book is the right choice as it has a variety of beautiful batik motifs as its cover.

Which agenda are you most interested to buy? Do you have any other agenda recommendations? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!