8 Best Martabak Manis Stalls in Jakarta


Martabak Manis (sweet martabak) is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia. It is actually a kind of pancake, but bigger in size, rich and flavorful thanks to all the butter, condensed milk and yummy toppings. Usually Martabak Manis is made and sold by street vendors in the evening, and it can be found all over Indonesia.

Recipe for basic Martabak manis here>>

The classic toppings are chocolate, peanuts, cheese, sesame seeds and more more innovative ones give this sweet snack more variations.

If you live in Jakarta and have special spot in your heart for this sweet treat, you are lucky, as there are many roadside vendors that are really worth a try:

Martabak 65A Pecenongan

Martabak Pecenongan 65A
Martabak Pecenongan 65A

This Martabak stall is the pioneer of extraordinary Martabak toppings like Nutella, Toblerone, and Ovomaltine, etc since 2000s. There are also other variant of Martabak such as Martabak Telor (egg martabak) and Crispy Martabak.

Address and contact:

  • Jalan Pecenongan Raya No 65A, Central Jakarta
    Phone: 021-99154997 / 087888881612
  • Pantai Indah Selatan 1, Ruko PIK Elang Laut Block D No 28, North Jakarta
    Phone: 021-29866551 / 92165888

Price range: Rp55.000 – Rp155.000 for a whole Martabak

Martabak AA

Martabak AA
Martabak AA

If you prefer the classic Martabak then you must try Martabak Manis from Martabak AA. The recommended  variant from this stall is Martabak Keju (cheese martabak)—a thick Martabak topped with lots of rich-flavored cheddar cheese. Albeit there are many artisan Martabak stalls now, Martabak AA is still the crowd favorite.

Address and contact:
Jalan Minangkabau No 29A Manggarai, South Jakarta
Phone 021-70775100
Price range: Rp45.000 – Rp68.000



Martabakku also offers a wide range of Martabak variants. From the classic sesame seed and chocolate toppings to the ‘modern topping’ ones. Its must-try menus are the Black Series and Red Velvet series with various toppings such as cream cheese and Cadbury spread. They may sound too sweet, but they aren’t! Martabakku knows how to balance the flavor so the Martabak doesn’t taste too sweet but still delicious.

Address and contact:

  • Menteng Wok Street Food, Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto No 1 Menteng, Jakarta
    Phone 021-3915757 / 3912727
  • Jalan KH Ahmad Dahlan No 22B Gandaria, Jakarta
  • Jalan Cipete Raya No 3, Fatmawati, South Jakarta

Price range: Rp40.000 – Rp195.000

MARKOBAR (Martabak Kota Barat)


One of the hippest Martabak joints in Jakarta. The reason is, besides the undoubtedly delicious Martabak menus, this Martabak joint is owned by Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the eldest son of Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia. Try its “Martabak 8 Rasa” or 8-flavored Martabak, a loaf of Martabak with 8 different toppings you can choose by your own. If you want to buy the Martabak make sure you arrive early—because the queue is no joke!

Address and contact:

Jalan Raden Saleh Raya No 39, Cikini, Jakarta Pusat
Phone 085777673627 or 082324913789

Martabak Blackpool

Martabak Blackpool
Martabak Blackpool

No, no, this Martabak has no tie with Deadpool, the famous anti-hero from Marvel Comics. Blackpool maybe because the specialty Martabak is black in color. You must try the Cream cheese Oreo topping. The Black Forest flavored Martabak crust combined with the creamy cream cheese and crunchy crushed Oreo is simply irresistible.

Address and contact:

Jalan Gandaria 1 No 47, Gandaria, South Jakarta
Phone 0816901738 / 081290288816

Martabak Bandung Fransiskus

Martabak Bandung Fransiskus
Martabak Bandung Fransiskus

Martabak Bandung Fransiskus is another legendary Martabak stall in Jakarta. They don’t only offer Martabak with classic toppings but also ‘trendy’ toppings like Nutella and Toblerone. One thing that people love is the soft and spongy Martabak combined perfectly with crispy crust and rich topping (literally ‘rich’—means plentiful topping!).

Address and contact:

Gading Food City Unit C #106, Jalan Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone 021-4525856
Price Range: Rp30.000 – Rp110.000

Martabak Orins

Martabak Orins
Martabak Orins

Martabak Orins is the most famous Martabak stall in Jakarta. It has many branches around the town. The special thing is that the Martabak is not folded, so it looks like a pizza. There are also many choices of in size offered, from the personal size to the jumbo ones. For the toppings, there are classic toppings like chocolate and cheese, and also fruit toppings. You can even find Martabak Durian here!

Address and contact:

  • Jalan Taman Cut Mutia Menteng (across Gondangdia Train Station, next to Sederhana Padang Restaurant), Central Jakarta
    Phone 081317161705 / 081511213200 / 081911187755
  • Jalan Pedurenan Masjid 4 Karet Kuningan (behind ITC Kuningan), South Jakarta
    Phone 081372620760 / 081911186696
  • Jalan Tebet Utara 1 No 13C (across Evergreen salon), South Jakarta
    Phone 082110565911 / 081294516339 / 081808176911
  • Jalan Wijaya 1 No 30 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
    Phone 082114821234 / 081372620730
  • Jalan Raya Tambak No 37 Pegangsaan, Central Jakarta
    Phone 081807559000 / 081270205700
  • Jalan Cilandak KKO No 2 (across Mal Cilandak), South Jakarta
    Phone 085779900100 / 081288741035
  • Jalan Kembang Kerep Raya No 2B (across Brunette Salon) Meruya, West Jakarta
    Phone 082210002860 / 085719600070
  • Jalan Raya Pondok Gede (across Asrama Haji), Pinang Ranti, East Jakarta
    Phone 081314248500 / 081906353000
  • Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No 48-49 Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
    Phone 087887715380 / 081299223212
  • Jalan Karet Pasar Baru Barat 4 No 18, Karet Tengsin, Central Jakarta
    Phone 087875743444 / 082213059444
  • Jalan Raya Pondok Kopi No 186 (Accros Klender Baru train station), East Jakarta
    Phone 085718598444 / 082213058444
    Price range: Rp7.000 – Rp100.000

Martabak Boss

Martabak Boss
Martabak Boss

Martabak Boss is a most famous Martabak place among Jakartans. The Martabak sold in this place is thick yet soft and spongy, with various toppings that you may not find in any other place. The pancakes are taro-flavored, pandan-flavored, mocha, matcha, and plain. The toppings include cheese, green tea wafer, Ovomaltine, pineapple, Toblerone, Nutella, and Oreo. The recommended menu is Martabak Red Velvet—red velvet Martabak dough with cream cheese and Oreo toppings.

Address and contact:

Jalan Panglima Polim 9 No 24, Melawai, South Jakarta
Phone 021-27510559
Price range:
Rp12.000 – Rp150.000 for one whole Martabak


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