When traveling, a travel kit is something that cannot be left behind. Rather than creating a kit that can potentially harm the environment, why not try to make it eco-friendlier?

Here are some of the useful tips for an eco-friendly travel kit:

Choose Ocean-Friendly Sunscreens

In the past year, it has been found out that sunscreens can create harm to the surrounding wildlife. Yet going on vacation without sunscreen can create health concerns such as sunburn and skin cancer. Protect the environment by being more careful of choosing sunscreen products. Ingredients you should avoid include Oxybenzone (used in over 3,500 different sunscreens worldwide), Octinoxate / Octylmethoxycinnamate (used in ‘long lasting suncremes), Octocrylene, 4-mehtylbenzylidene: 4MBC, Octisalate, Homosalate, Avobenzone, and ethylhexl methoxycinnamate.

DIY Sunscreen: Alternatively, you can also choose to make you own sunscreen, free from preservatives or harmful chemicals. All you need to prepare are your preferred oil mixes ranging from vegetable oil to essential oils (jojoba oil is said to be particularly good for the skin), and some sun protection such as zinc or titanium dioxide. For every percent of zinc or titanium dioxide, you will gain about SPF 2. Therefore, a mix of about 10% zinc and 90% oils produces a sunscreen with SPF 20.

Chemical & Plastic-Free Toiletries

Toiletries are also something that many of us miss but yet there are many opportunities that we can improve on it. From the unrecognisable ingredients that we cannot decipher (which may potentially endanger us!) to plastic material that is non-biodegradable, toiletries can create change to our environment if we were to make changes.

Solve this issue by creating your own toiletries:

DIY toothpaste: Take some baking soda, coconut oil and charcoal. Alternatively, you can add some peppermint or eucalyptus for a more ‘toothpaste’-ish feel.

DIY shampoo: Mix vinegar and water.

DIY Conditioner: Using plant based oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil will give nutrition but also soften hair.

Mouthwash: Oil-pulling is a technique in which you clean your mouth using oil. Although coconut oil is generally used, you can try other oils if you are comfortable with it. Swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes and you will have fresher breath and whiter teeth.  Use certified coconut oil or cold pressed local coconut oil for increased effectiveness and least environmental impact on production.

Deodorant: Mix some baking soda and water to create a paste. Apply on your armpits after a shower and leave to dry before putting your clothes on.

Facial serum: Applying facial serum on your face can moisturize your face instead of a moisturizers. Choose a type of oil that suits your skin from jojoba oil, rose oil or coconut oil.

Facial wash: Just by mixing water and oates, you will be able to create a paste to clean your face without drying it out.

Mosquito repellent:  lemongrass, citronella, tea tree, eucalyptus, and cinnamon are some of the essential oils you can use to keep the mosquitos away.

Ear infection prevention: There are times when snorkeling can cause ear infection or swimmers ear. Prevent this by putting 25% vinegar and 75% water into your ears after swimming.

Antiseptic solution: Tea tree oil has been proven to be a great antiseptic for cuts, bites and weird bumps.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

There are several ways to become eco-friendly, even while using non-biodegradable items in your travels. First, you can choose items that have been reused before. Not only will you be able to reduce waste of buying a new tech item, but you will also reduce the cost of your travels. The next thing would be to reuse all your things. Items like water bottles and plastic containers are something that can repeatedly be used again and again.

Other than that, be aware of buying travel sized products. These can be harmful to the environment as it creates waste faster. It will be much better to buy small containers that can carry your daily products. You save money on buying new products and there are less waste going to the bin!

Make Smart Shopping Choices

Purchasing items from local providers can help benefit the environment. In big businesses, there are various chains that had to be passed through for the product to reach the your hand. Local providers, on the other hand, have a much more shorter travel. Doing this ensures that you are saying no to oil drilling, carbon emissions and a cleaner way of life. By simply choosing from which business you want to buy, you will be able to minimize the energy used to make the product, the energy cost of transportation and the amount of packaging.

When shopping, it is also important to follow two important rules in order to reduce waste. If you are shopping for things that have continuous use, it is much better to buy in bulk. Less material for packaging means less waste for the environment.

Second, buy things that are durable. Often we think about our budgets and think to purchase items that are cheaper. On the contrary, this will affect us negatively. Non-durable items get broken easily, in which the items will get thrown out much more faster, resulting in a higher amount of waste.

 Be aware of labels

Do not be fooled by labels such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’ or ‘green’. Most of the time, brands will attach these words to their product without meaning it at all. Even certifications are something that you should be careful with. One thing that you should look out for are corporations that are certified B-corporations, which uses business as a force for social, environmental, and economic good. But to be entirely sure, you should read labels, read stories, ask questions, and find out.

Travel kits may be the least of our worries when trying to become eco-friendly as there are many things to improve on, but it can be a good start. Becoming more aware of the things that you can change and improve is one of the ways where you can create positive change to the world around you.

Do you have any tips to becoming more environmentally friendly? Share with us in the comments down below!


On 6th December, Indonesian Heritage Society featured Dr. Nishkam Agarwal and his research on Indian Philosophy and Javanese Mysticism. This educative and informative event was attended by a mix of audiences from many different nationalities from French, Indian to Australian.

Dr. Nishkam Agarwal is a philosopher, historian, published author of ‘Meaning and Purpose of Life’ and an economist from MIT. With passionate fervor informed the audiences about the findings of his research.

Indian Philosophy is embedded into Indonesian culture due to its common history since the past. This similarity has even extended to everyday life today. Some of the very first evidences of its influence can be seen is some Hindu temples in Central Java, namely the Dieng Plateau.

Candi Arjuna from Dieng Plateau.

His passion in Indian philosophy was inspired by his parents who studied philosophy. As time went on, he also began to study Sanskrit and Indian philosophy. The link between India and Indonesia has even started during 1000 BC, in which Indonesia incorporated Indian philosophy and mentioned Java in some of their earlier texts.

It took years to study and understand it completely, moreover with Javanese philosophy added to the mix. Research of this topics were especially rare, as there are no professors who had the combined knowledge of both Indian and Indonesian philosophy. His calling was especially strong as he found himself to really enjoy Bali, the environment, the people and many more of its cultural aspect.

Indian philosophy lends itself into everyday Indonesian life through the everyday use of language. Other than that, India’s philosophy is even present in the bustling city of Jakarta. One of Indonesia’s signs of acceptance, according to Dr. Nishkam is, “….the presence of Arjuna sculpture in the middle of Jakarta, its bustling capital city. It also shows affinity for this type of work”.

Arjuna sculpture at Merdeka Square.

From the ancient world, proof of India’s philosophy is present in several Candis scattered in Indonesia namely from Dieng Plateau, Candi Borobudur and many more. Candi Borobudur is especially connected to both of the remaining small candis, mainly Candi Mendut and Candi Pawon.

However that is not the only proof of Indonesian connection to Indonesia, as it is also present in a variety of ways. Literature and artistic expression are also places in which many could see the link between the two cultures. It is present in its religious principles, philosophy, history, mythology and Belles Lettres (aesthetic literature). Artistic expression is also one area in which Indian philosophy and Javanese culture are linked, namely through wayang (puppetry), gamelan (instrumental music), lakon (drama), joged (dance), tembang (vocal music) and batik (textile designs).

Candi Borobudur

Finally, the event ends with a question and answer session with the audience. Some of the audience members asked enthusiastically while Dr. Nishkam answered their questions in a concise manner. All in all, it was an educative event in which audiences were able to receive a piece of knowledge regarding Indonesian and India.

Namaste ,

Our craft workshop: Decoupage by Komal Pamnani was a super duper hit. Tomorrow is Dr Shilpa Dhoka’s Ayurveda workshop.
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Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2019 is a mega event from January 21-23 at Varanasi

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) is celebrated once in every two years to strengthen the engagement of the overseas Indian community with the Government of India and reconnect them with their roots. During the Convention, selected overseas Indians are also honored with the prestigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award to recognize their contributions to various fields both in India and abroad.The 15th PBD Convention is being held on 21-23 January 2019 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

The theme of PBD Convention 2019 is “Role of Indian Diaspora in building New India“. Special arrangements are also being made for participation in Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj and Republic day parade.

The registrations have been extended until 15th December  2018 on the website : www.pbdindia.gov.in

The important attractive elements of the PBD 2019:

  1. Travel and stay arrangement for up to 5000 participants who would attend the 3 day PBD convention.
  2. The participation at Kumbh Mela and Republic Day Parade at New Delhi are optional as per the participant`s convenience.
  3. Option of stay at Hotel or swiss cottages in Varanasi at Prayagraj near the Sangam for participants choosing to attend Kumbh Mela.
  4. The Kumbh Mela and Republic Day parade tickets are limited on first cum first serve basis upon registration.
  5. Local sightseeing with Guided tours at Prayagraj , Varanasi, River Ganga Aarti
  6. Local transport for pick up and drop at the venue of convention.
  7. Facility for special AC Volvo Coaches and special AC Trains from Varanasi to Delhi for participants choosing to attend Republic Day Parade at New Delhi.
  8. Two main meals inclusive for all three days of PBD convention.
  9. Diaspora Participants will also experience and enjoy India`s rich cultural heritage and progress and innovation through cultural evenings.

A memorable and pleasant experience is assured at the Prestigious PBD 2019 convention with all amenities made available.

It is requested that the promotion for participation  / registration may be done extensively among all community members under your umbrella.

Once again requesting you all to register and encourage all to register on the website link : www.pbdindia.gov.in


On the 30th November, Indoindians Decoupage Workshop with Komal Pamnani was held at held at the India Club office. The participants were guided step by step to learn this craft and add their own artistic touch to their creations.



To begin, Komal Pamnani made sure the participants had all the tools and equipment ready. Specific tools used to make decoupage were Gesso white paint, Mod Podge glue, painted tissue or gift wrap paper, brush-stamp shaped foam sponge and bottles.

Komal shared tips based on her experience, “Some of these materials are very ideal to make decoupage work. Thin tissue paper is ideal to be used, as it is softer to use and does not create an unnatural finish. Glue used in decoupage work is also particular, as it can make the artwork last longer. Which is why buying materials is extremely important for decoupage”. The participants made their decoupage projects with medium-sized jam jar and wine bottle.


Each aspiring crafter followed the instructions in a very enthusiastic manner during the workshop. Komal was particularly clear and detailed in her instructions.

After explaining the methods, the participants painted the bottle with Gesso white paint, which is then dried. The next step is to apply the paper motif using a wet tiny brush dipped from water to cut the image. It is then glued to the jar.


Decoupage Artwork of some of the participants.

Besides explaining the, she also shared some tips for the artwork matches the desired result.

At the end of the show, many of the participants showed their appreciation and satisfaction for joining this workshop. Watch the video interview below:



Mr Prakash Gupta, DCM Embassy of India (center) inaugurates Best of India KNITE 2018. Also featured (left to right) are Mr V Thiyagarajan of TVS, Mr Amol Titus of IndonesiaWISE and Founder KNITE, Ibu Elisabeth Rukmini, Vice Rector of Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya and Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo, Dean Faculty of Business and Economics.
Mr Prakash Gupta, DCM Embassy of India (center) inaugurates Best of India KNITE 2018. Also featured (left to right) are Mr V Thiyagarajan of TVS, Mr Amol Titus of IndonesiaWISE and Founder KNITE, Ibu Elisabeth Rukmini, Vice Rector of Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya and Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo, Dean Faculty of Business and Economics.

Collaborative Mentoring of Indonesian Youth through Best of India KNITE 2018

Like India, Indonesia is a very young country with sixty five percent of the population below the age of 35 years. Over 2 million Indonesians join the labour force each year and this is resulting in a huge challenge for the country in terms of providing gainful employment. Another equally important challenge is to ensure that the youth have the right academic preparation to be able to meet the tough requirements of industry. While many concerns are being expressed in this direction it is heartening to note that a pioneering initiative Best of India KNITE launched by the well known senior strategic advisor, writer, educationist and mentor, Mr Amol Titus, is helping to address this issue. Ms Poonam Sagar of www.indoindians.com spoke to Mr Amol at the side lines of the Best of India KNITE 2018 event held at Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya on 27-28 November in Jakarta which was inaugurated by Mr Prakash Gupta, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India.

P.S : Congratulations Amol on the successful completion of Best of India KNITE 2018. Can you tell us about the highlights of the event this year?

A.T : Thank you Poonam. KNITE is an acronym that I have coined and it stands for Knowledge-IT-Engineering which I believe are three pillars of sustained business and economic growth. Best of India KNITE showcases achievements of India in these fields and this program, that was launched in 2016, rotates annually through leading Indonesian universities. As in previous years there were 3 major objectives of the program.

First, as I have repeatedly opined in my writings and talks on the India-Indonesia relations, the foundation of our friendship rests on people-to-people contacts. For centuries people sailed to and from both countries, made connections and forged common bonds. These bonds helped both nations fight entrenched colonial powers and navigate the complex birth pangs experienced in the aftermath of independence. These bonds need to be refreshed in order to be meaningful to each generation. Unless the youth of the country appreciate the historical ties and more importantly the relevance to their current situation and challenges. Best of India KNITE 2018 helped hundreds of youth at Atma Jaya campus in the centre of Jakarta to connect with India through an exhibition, seminar, audio-visual displays, networking and activities. Embassy of India also provides books and catalogues that are distributed to students.

Second, while cultural connections should be emphasized it is equally important to highlight India’s substantial achievements in science, technology, renewable energy (especially solar and wind energy), metro railways, infrastructure development, digital connectivity etc. It is the combination of Knowledge, IT and Technology that has helped to propel India as the 6th largest economy that is on the cusp of overtaking UK and becoming a USD 2.7 trillion economy shortly. There is low awareness in Indonesia about India’s achievements in these fields and it is vital to rectify this as the Indonesian youth of today will become the professionals, officials, decision makers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Best of India KNITE helps to boost this vital awareness and understanding.

Third, in the current scary economic scenario of “jobless of job-lite” growth it is critical that youth possess the right skills and competencies in order to embark on careers of their choice. In my experience as a visiting professor of management at several Universities across Indonesia, I have found that a significant gap exists between the curriculum, teaching methodologies and ground realities and expectations of industry. Unless theory converts into skills and skills convert into competencies, youth will struggle to qualify during selection processes and more importantly survive in the tough economic environment. Businesses and industry often bemoan the lack of suitable talent, but my response has always been that complaining only contributes to the problem and not to the solution. Best of India KNITE adopts a collaborative mentoring approach under which senior officials from leading Indian owned or managed companies, invest time and effort in updating youth about their respective sectors, corporate philosophies, success factors and achievements. They also provide professional and career guidance to students. Apart from attending presentations, participants can also learn from the learning-oriented exhibition and display that is a central feature of the event.

Best of India KNITE is the only annual event that comprehensively covers the above three objectives in Indonesia and in our journey IndonesiaWISE, EmergingWISE and PRIIDE (Program for India Indonesia Development and Education) have been joined in good spirit by Embassy of India, leading companies, academic institutions, academicians and media.

P.S : Was there a specific theme this year and who were the main participating companies?

A.T : This year the hosting department was Faculty of Economics and Business at Atma Jaya University. During our preparations we agreed to showcase the theme of Sustainable Business Development. This is very relevant as Indonesia is facing serious environmental concerns like India of vehicular and chemical pollution, plastic waste, over-dependence of fossil fuels, water shortages and damage to fragile coastal and riverine systems.

Through my strategic advisory and consulting work I am aware that several Indian companies in Indonesia have adopted “best-in-class” sustainable practices. These were shared with students and faculty at Best of India KNITE 2018. PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk shared achievements in sustainable business development in petrochemicals and textiles specifically carbon footprint management, eco products, industrial safety and CSR. PT TVS Motor Company shared innovations in the two and three-wheeler segment such as excellence in design, fuel efficiency and usage of new generation of materials. PT Medisafe Technologies shared operating excellence achievements in medical gloves production with emphasis on new product development, automation and quality control.

PT IndoIn shared insights related to the agribusiness sector and tips on entrepreneurship. PT Unza Vitaliz (Wipro Group) highlighted sustainable practices in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector with several achievements related to packaging, waste reduction, green manufacturing and quality control circle (QCC) led innovations. PT IndonesiaWISE shared its expertise in development of eco- tourism that is supporting the national goal of attracting 20 million tourists by 2020, with projects and capacity building carried out in key destinations like Yogyakarta-Borobudur-Prambanan and Malang-Bromo-Tengger-Batu. BHEL shared expertise in capital goods produced for the power sector and expertise in manufacturing turbines for a range of fuels including gas and biomass. Thus, students got valuable insights into 7 key sectors of the economy and practical contributions to sustainability made by committed organizations.

At the exhibition students were also shown India’s achievements in space technology through the remarkable track record of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and sustained growth of metro railways led by Delhi Metro Corporation.

P.S : How was the student and faculty response?

A.T : Many students were quite pleasantly surprised and their experience was an eye opener. They showed eagerness to learn and connect more with showcased projects and participating companies. Youth have energy and are tech savvy so by increasing awareness and pointing them in the right direction we can quickly see desired results. To make their experience holistic, a Bharat Natyam dance and Legong dance recital were also performed and students got a taste of Indian cuisine through specially prepared lunch and snack boxes. Many were tasting Indian cuisine for the first time and they gave it a big thumbs up.

One group of students also presented their start up idea to senior industry professionals and got useful inputs regarding next steps. The University faculty has expressed a keenness for identifying future avenues of collaboration related to research, internships and socialization of career opportunities. In this manner Best of India KNITE is helping to bridge the industry-academia gap and is assisting leading Indian organizations operating in Indonesia to get closer with prominent Universities and Institutes.

P.S Congratulations on this wonderful achievement Amol. On behalf of the IndoIndians community, I can say that we are proud of your many contributions to India-Indonesian relations through education, literature, seminars and facilitation of economic ties.

A.T Thank you very much. If other companies want to join Best of India KNITE 2019 please contact us as this is a positive and collaborative contribution of India to Indonesia.

Featured above (left to right) are Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo, Mr Amol Titus, Ms Archita, Ms Ana Jati and Mr Prakash Gupta at the conclusion of the Best of India KNITE 2018 cultural performance.
Featured above (left to right) are Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo, Mr Amol Titus, Ms Archita, Ms Ana Jati and Mr Prakash Gupta at the conclusion of the Best of India KNITE 2018 cultural performance.
Featured above (left to right) are Bp Adi Sumarno (Wipro-Unza), Mr Sajeev Joseph and Ms Rosma Silitonga (Medisafe Technologies), Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo (Atma Jaya), Mr Prakash Gupta (Embassy of India), Mr Amol Titus (IndonesiaWISE), Mr V Thiyagarajan (TVS Motor Company), Mr Pradeep Bahuguna and Mr Akshay Thukral (IndoIn Group) at the Best of India KNITE 2018 inauguration.
Featured above (left to right) are Bp Adi Sumarno (Wipro-Unza), Mr Sajeev Joseph and Ms Rosma Silitonga (Medisafe Technologies), Bp Irenius Dwinanto Bimo (Atma Jaya), Mr Prakash Gupta (Embassy of India), Mr Amol Titus (IndonesiaWISE), Mr V Thiyagarajan (TVS Motor Company), Mr Pradeep Bahuguna and Mr Akshay Thukral (IndoIn Group) at the Best of India KNITE 2018 inauguration.
Best of India KNITE Founder Mr Amol Titus address delegates at the opening session. He provided an overview of India’s achievements in Knowledge, IT and Engineering and the importance of creating win-win linkages around these between the two countries.
Best of India KNITE Founder Mr Amol Titus address delegates at the opening session. He provided an overview of India’s achievements in Knowledge, IT and Engineering and the importance of creating win-win linkages around these between the two countries.
Flanking Mr Amol Titus are Mr N Srikanth (right) and Mr Ahmed from PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk. Best of IndiaKNITE especially invites talented and rising Indonesian professionals to emphasize commitments of Indian owned/managed organizations to Indonesian talent development. This also provides inspiration to students seeking meaningful career opportunities.
Flanking Mr Amol Titus are Mr N Srikanth (right) and Mr Ahmed from PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk. Best of India KNITE especially invites talented and rising Indonesian professionals to emphasize commitments of Indian owned/managed organizations to Indonesian talent development. This also provides inspiration to students seeking meaningful career opportunities.

Smiling faces and happiness experienced by Indonesian youth underlined the successful conduct of Best of India KNITE 2018 at Atma Jaya campus in Jakarta.
Smiling faces and happiness experienced by Indonesian youth underlined the successful conduct of Best of India KNITE 2018 at Atma Jaya campus in Jakarta.


There’s no better time than the New Year to implement a personal wellness plan. For individuals, an investment in wellness can pay huge dividends like a healthier lifestyle, happier temperament and a more productive daily routine. Enter the new year with a brand new, fresh personality. Health and wellness is something that can take you further in life. Your body will be taken care of, but you will also be productive to take on new challenges.

Here are the tips to develop a wellness routine for a new, fresher you:

  1. Listen to Your Body

Before even creating your wellness routine, the first thing that you should do is listen and seek to understand your body. Each body is created differently and therefore should be managed differently. Identify your body and blood types to determine the type of food you metabolize most efficiently and the type of workouts that will produce the most optimal results.

Whether it is body or spiritual needs, listening to your body is paramount to improve its state. You might find that your body’s diet it imbalanced, your mind is in need of a calm space to reflect or you are in need of spiritual healing. Once you have your wellness needs or goals pinned down, it’s easier to form a routine of daily wellness rituals.

  1. Get Specific with Your Plan

Now that you know more about your body, it’s time to create a plan specifically tailored to your body. First, it’s important not to overwhelm yourself. Creating unrealistic goals will just be too much for beginners. On the other hand, taking small steps towards your goal will make new routines more manageable.

We recommend not squeezing in more than one habit, as you run the risk of overwhelming yourself and giving up more quickly. Decide to quit smoking, wake up early, workout daily, and eat a vegan diet all at once is too drastic and runs you the risk of overwhelming yourself. This is also one of the problems why people so often fail at New Year’s resolutions; they are trying to make too much changes at once. Note that one habit could be difficult enough to be integrated into your daily routine.

  1. Invite a Workout Buddy

Goals will be much more attainable with a workout buddy helping you out. Studies show that having a workout buddy can help you learn new techniques, keep you accountable, and even double your chances for fitness success.

You can try bringing a friend to yoga class, train together, and do some partner grocery shopping to reach your health and fitness goals more efficiently. Alternatively, you can go to find people with similar interests at social sites. Another option is to ask your trainer at the gym to team you up with someone who have he same interests as you. Their professional opinion can help match you with a like-minded new friend.

  1. Make Your Regimen Sustainable

Sometimes, people would underestimate the levels to which their lives would change because of their goals. Try to change your way of thinking-your goals should be lifestyle change instead of just a resolution. Again, building a plan towards lofty goals will only overwhelm and disappoint you when things do not go as planned. You can know if the routine works for your if your routine leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

  1. Find a Workout You Like That Satisfies You

People who don’t generally exercise will find it difficult to follow through with their fitness regime. The routine might feel tiresome and heavy, especially when you are not fond of it. To solve this problem, it would be wiser to find out workouts that you like. Beginners could also experiment and try new workouts or studios in order to find out what suits them the best. Stick with the one or two choices that you like amongst all and use those to build consistent workout plans.

  1. Reward Yourself

When you have reached a certain point, it might start to get harder or you might start to lose motivation. Rather than giving up, ignite your motivation by giving yourself a reward. Choices of rewards can vary from things that you like and enjoy from a night out with friends or getting a massage to soothe your body. Having these treats to look forward to will add balance and fun to your exercise routine.

Wellbeing does not only consist of body health, but also consists of mental health. Whether you find your happiness through meditation and mindfulness, a day relaxing at the swimming pool or finding the time to connect with a friend or loved one, it’s important to manage your mental health. Clean eating and exercise are important but don’t forget to find the time to relax and have a little fun.

  1. Avoid Temptation in Advance

Understandably, there are many temptations that would excuse you from achieving your goals and habits. To run, you would need to reach for your shoes outside and change into full gear before heading out. Think one step ahead to remove the barriers by preparing everything at hand. Make it easy for you to take action while following through with your habit. In this way, you will be removing the temptation to pull out of your goal.

New Years’ is the time when many people create resolutions to things that they want for themselves. Improper planning, lack of motivation and unrealistic plans are what makes them forget about their resolutions throughout the year. Stop that tendency now and get started by following through with your routine using the tips stated above!

What are your most effective wellness tips? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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On the 24th of November 2018, Saraswati Learning Center presented a beautiful performance at Beacon Academy Jakarta. The whole show by students of SLC was a thoroughly entertaining one. From musical performances, dances to theatrical performances, the audience truly enjoyed every minute of the show.

It started with a ‘Kindness Skit’ performed by SLC teachers and several Beacon students. This particular performance shows the aim and goal of SLC to promote awareness and inclusion towards SLC students and children who are differently-abled.

Afterwards, Mrs. Reshma Bhojwani of SLC gave big thanks to Mr. Arvin for his contributions to the event. With that, the show finally began!

First, the students performed a song, in which they welcome the audience to their show.

There are many memorable performances, particularly from the younger tier of the students to the older, vocational team. One of the most memorable performances by the Jawa Siang students and teachers dancing the Monkey Dance and Gummy Bear Song.

Another would be the ‘Kerajaan‘ Skit by the Medan 2 students, about a prince who has been kidnapped by a monster to be eaten. Not only did they perform a play, but they also danced to the music on stage.

Medan 2 students performing a ‘Kerajaan’ skit with their teachers

Younger student from Sulawesi, Papua 1 & Medan class also performed a choreographed dance with the song ‘All is Well’. It was a joyful moment for everyone as the children danced energetically on stage.

Finally, the audience also gave a round of applause for the SLC vocation students who performed ‘You Are My Sunshine’ using the angklung, and afterwards ‘Arti Sahabat’ song by Nidji.

Overall, everyone had such a good time on stage and off it. Not only are the parents able to watch the performance, but those who performed also had a fun time on stage.

Mrs. Reshma from SLC giving heartfelt thanks to the volunteers, Mrs. Arwin and Mr. Rajat of Beacon Academy International. 

After the performance, those who watched the performance were able to buy some of the items made by the SLC Vocational students.


It may be that you are not getting enough sleep. It might be that you are not getting enough nutrition in your body. Whatever it may be, and you are not feeling well –  Before going to the doctor, there are many ways to know the state of you health. Whether it is from a migraine, your stool or even your heartbeat, we will be able to find out how healthy you are through several signs given by the body.

Here are 9 signs of a healthy body:

Skin, Hair and Nails

Signs of an unhealthy body can be seen straight away from the state of your skin, hair and nails. This is because the integumentary system (which includes hair and nails) is often the first place that a serious vitamin deficiency shows up. Healthy hair would be shiny and strong. Poor diet is reflected on split, brittle, dull, lifeless hair with dry scalp.

Unhealthy nails can be determined by its shape and color. Healthy nails tend to be firm, pink and smooth. If your nails are weak, breaks off easily and pale, then it is most likely that your diet is lacking. Oddly-shaped nails such as curving upwards in a spoon like manner, ones with horizontal grooves, ridges and indentations running from side to side are ones you should be more aware of.

Healthy skin at its best state is bouncy and bright. This might not always be the case as it will lose elasticity as people get older.  The way to check this is by pinching the skin on the back of your hand. If the skin quickly returns to its original state, then it is properly hydrated and healthy. Other than that, skin color is also a good indicator. Lack of color in the skin might mean that either something is wrong with your internal health or your diet is lacking. Hormonal acne outbreaks or other skin-related issues also show that you have some underlying health concern.


Your vitals are some of the most important parts of the body. Deadly diseases and serious health conditions will first show itself through your vital organs. Your resting heart rate (RHR) is a great indicator of overall fitness. Simply press your index and middle fingers against the pulse on your wrist or neck, count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by four. It may vary with age, but a RHR of about 70 to 75 indicates good health and anything between 60 and 100 is generally considered normal for adults. It also means that you get enough cardio exercise. A higher heart rate could mean a few things, but is said to be linked to a higher heart attack risk.

Your blood pressure, oxygen levels, pulse and temperature all tell a health-care professional how healthy your body is at any given moment. Blood pressure should be around 120/80 mm/Hg; breathing should be around 12 to 18 breaths per minute; pulse should be between 60 and 80 beats per minute and your temperature should be between 97.8 and 99.1 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything more or less than that indicates that there is something wrong with your health.

Sleep Cycles

Proper sleep is something that many people take for granted. When in fact, it is a sign of healthy state of body. For those who have comfortable sleep without waking up repeatedly at night, lucky you! It means that you are hitting all of the necessary sleep rhythms needed. Signs of getting good sleep is waking up feeling moderately refreshed. Irregular sleep patterns indicate serious issues like as sleep apnea, insomnia, or gastroesophageal reflux disorder. Yet without getting proper sleep, the body metabolism will suffer and experience problems.

A Sharp, Mentally Alert Mind

A sharp and active mind is also a good indicator of your health. This condition will only occur through eating right, sleeping well, exercising and fitness. Therefore if you are experiencing migraines, neurosis and depression, then it would mean that something is not right with your body. Regular exercise and eating the proper nutrition are already proven to improve anybody’s bad mood.

Stable Energy Levels

Energy levels are an indicator of a healthy body.  If you are one to get off the bed with no brain fog in sight, then that would mean that your body is on point. You are feeding your body the right nutrition, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly, giving you enough energy to tackle your daily tasks. Although fatigue may be the side effect of a minor problem like sleep deprivation, but can also be the symptom of a much more serious health problem like nutrient deficiencies, stress or hypothyroidism. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to find the cause if you notice a sudden change in your energy level.

Urination & Bowel Movements

Your urine and bowel movements are a good indicator of your health. Color of urine-pale yellow to brown as iced tea-indicates the amount of water you have in your system and your hydration levels. Its odor and color also changes depending on the food, dietary supplements or medicine that you have been consuming. Contact your physician if you notice a reddish color or an unusual smell.

You stool is a direct indicator of a healthy digestive system. Soft, easy to pass, torpedo-shaped and mid-brown stool means that all is in check. Meanwhile very dark, very pale, grey and bright red are warning signs. Changes in frequency, consistency and color may be a sign that something is wrong with your digestive system.

BMI & Body Symmetry

A body mass index (BMI) of between 18 and 25 is typically considered healthy, but if you are especially muscular or naturally slim, it may be higher or lower respectively. These signs show that you’re on track with your health and eating the right amount of calories. Significant unexplained gains and losses or yo-yoing back and forth on diets are causes for concern.

Other than that, the shape of your body is also a cause for concern. Asymmetry of the body can mean a certain dysfunction with your muscles, which can aggravate your imbalanced backbone. On the contrary, a symmetrical body means that all of your body parts are growing on a normal rate.

Blood Circulation

If you are one to regularly experience migraines or cramps, your blood circulation is in need of change. Proper blood circulation would result in healthy amount of oxygen circulation and healthy heart. Having good circulation also helps stabilize body temperature, maintain our pH balance and transports nutrients and waste products to and from cells. In effect, your body will be less fatigued after heavy duty training. Some of the effects of poor blood circulation includes high blood pressure, leg ulcers, hemorrhoids, carpal tunnel, stroke, varicose veins, cardiovascular disease and organ damage.

Other than feeling off, there are many ways to tell the condition of your body. Abnormal body conditions will usually be seen and felt quite easily. Sometimes the patients will feel fine, despite being terminally ill. Prevent this by being more aware of the abnormalities in the body,  as it can signal that something is wrong with your body.  Head over to the doctor if your discomfort continues.

Which of these health signals have you experienced on your own? Do share in the comments section below!