April 2024 Monthly Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan


Beginning of a new astrological year!
April 2024.

April marks the beginning of the astrological year. With the Sun moving to Aries it’s the new year time as per the Vedic astrology. Let’s check the planet’s transit dates.

Planet TransitDate
SunEnters Aries 14 April
Mercury Enters Aries 26 April
MarsEnters Pisces23 April
VenusEnters Aries25 April


The Moon travels very fast and covers all the signs in a month, that’s why not putting its transit in this table.

The slow-moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu will stay in the signs as last month only.

Important astrological events in April:

● Mercury Retrograde from April 1st to April 25th
● Total Solar eclipse on 8th April
● Full moon on 23rd April
● Sun conjunct Rahu 5th April*
● Mars, Saturn, and Moon conjunct 6th April*
● Mars-Saturn conjunct 10th April *

*Planetary Conjunction are long events but I have mentioned only the date when they are at 0° Conjunction.

Prediction for the various zodiac signs.

*These predictions are for the moon sign which is more popularly known as Rashi.*

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Aries

Aries- Awakening

2023 and 2024 are Aries years and now in April, it’s the beginning of another spectacular year. The roller coaster ride that you started last year in Aries is now coming to its final stage of drama. Many things will be happening for you simultaneously making you crazy and sane at the same time. It is like a new beginning and the start of a new chapter of your life. Things will start moving more intensely towards the end of the month. Keep your seat belt on and enjoy the ride! A life-changing month for you. Expect the unexpected!

Taurus- Expenditure

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Taurus

Taurus loves comfort and luxury and spends without thinking and this trait will be more visible in April. You need to keep a check on your income and expenditure strategy. There can be a long journey for a mother, some major changes in the lives of kids, and some issues with the life partner towards the end of the month. Need to focus on what you have and stop looking towards the lost opportunities. Don’t lose hope as May will bring good news for you.


Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Gemini

Gemini- Teamwork

April is about communication and community. You will gain by traveling and associating with like-minded people. Expand your network. Be careful of the mercury retrograde as it may create many misunderstandings in your life. Job opportunities are there, make the most out of it. Long travel is indicated. Community work, charity work, and getting involved in any organization will be all beneficial for you. Teamwork is the key to success. Seek assistance and extend a helping hand to those who need it.

Cancer- Worry & Anxiety

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Cancer

April is about career success and a rise in status. Long travel will be beneficial. Travel related to work will give you gains. Luck will favor you in every work you do. Kids may have health issues towards the end of the month. Your hard work will pay off and you will shine this month. There will be many mind games and you may feel trapped in those. Due to solar eclipse and mercury retrograde, you may not feel certain about your decisions up to the month’s end. It’s time for retrospection and selection. So keep an eye on your thoughts, keep them positive, and avoid overthinking.


Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Leo

Leo- Curiosity

April is about travel, especially towards the 2nd half of the month. The uncertainties that you were facing last month will subside now and you will gain clarity of mind. The solar eclipse will give you a new perspective. Luck is in your favor. Kids will find good luck but your parents’ health needs to be taken care of. Some bright ideas will fill your life with enthusiasm to create something new but the mercury retrograde will slow it down. Have patience, it’s just the beginning, I can see much growth ahead.

Virgo- Change

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Virgo

Many ups and downs in April for you. But this adversity will only help you shine. It’s kind of a vipareeta raj yoga for you where you come out of calamity as a stronger and better individual and gain from the event. Mercury retrograde will be troublesome as mercury is your lord. So, avoid over-commitment and unnecessary arguments during this period. Anyhow due to ketu playing with your mind since last year, it’s not easy for you to think straight but from May things will start getting better. Consider this phase as the labor pain a mother gets but it’s giving birth to a new identity.


Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Libra

Libra- Indecision

March was not health-wise and it may continue up to mid-April. After that, everything will start getting better. The emphasis on the partner you have in your life will get bigger this month. Usually Libra are less about themselves and more about the other person, up to the level of self-sacrifice. So that will keep increasing, especially in April. The eclipse will have a burnout effect on you along with the mercury retrograde which can cause delays and frustrations. Keep your priority clear and don’t get confused during decision making. If you want to have it all you may end up with nothing at all.

Scorpio- Transformation

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Scorpio

It is a time to reflect, re-record, and redo your creative projects. Due to solar eclipse and mercury retrograde, you may suddenly dislike what you were doing and want to restart everything. Take care of your health, especially during the 2nd half of the month. So basically, it’s a time of rebirth and you can expect many changes in April. Embrace the change with open hands and heart. Some partnerships may end leaving you brokenhearted but don’t lose hope as good things are coming in May.


Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Sagittarius

Sagittarius- Bottling Up

Lately, you are having thoughts of a career change due to Ketu in your 10th house. The dissatisfaction and restlessness will continue now for quite some time.
But with a new astrological year, you will also develop a new perspective. Your creative juices will flow rapidly and it’s time to make the most out of it. The total solar eclipse will bring major change in your home and the mercury retrograde will make you do things again and again. So expect burnout and frustrations. But in the end, luck will favor you and you will have gains.

Capricorn- Celebrations

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Capricorn

You are working on your skills and social circle. April will bring some major changes at home and social responsibilities for you. Travel is indicated. Things may heat up at home making everyone a bit annoyed and quarrelsome. Keep your peace of mind by letting go. Celebrations are there and many fun gatherings will keep you occupied. Solar eclipse and mercury retrograde will bring a shift in your perspective.



Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Aquarius

Aquarius- Find Balance

2023 and 24 are the years of growth for you. And growth is never comfortable. April being the beginning of a new astrological year will bring many changes and will force you to step out of your comfort zone. Your spouse’s family means your in-laws will keep you busy. Partners will gain from long travels. Your skills will improve and relationships with siblings will improve. Try to have a balanced approach towards life.
The solar eclipse will bring a change in your family dynamics. Mercury retrograde will be all about controlling your speech!

Pisces- Wish Fulfillment

Beginning of a new astrological year April 2024 Pisces

Pisces are losing their peace of mind lately and being torn between the positives and negatives of life. April is less about thinking and more about taking action in the right direction. You will be motivated to work like never before and create an identity of your own. Cash flow will increase after mid-April. The solar eclipse will positively rearrange your finances. Mercury retrograde will force you to do some self-analysis and reflect on your journey so far. But in short, April is a month of wish fulfillment for you.


Pallavi Khetan - Tarot card reader, Astrologer and Vaastu practitionerBy Pallavi Khetan