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The Art of Living Basic Course

Your first act of life is to take a breath.

Within the breath is the secret of life. Breath is linked to the vital life energy in us or prana. Understand the breath and the Life Energy or Prana. We gain prana through air, fresh foods and rest (and also through meditation.) Lack of prana results in lethargy, dullness and poor enthusiasm. When we’re fully charged, we feel alert, energetic, on-top-of-the world. Prana is the very basis of health and well-being for both mind and body.

Learn and experience specific Breath techniques which reduces stress and anxiety, while bringing the mind to a peaceful centered state and restoring the natural rhythms. These are Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya breathing techniques.

This is a deep breathing practice that opens up your lungs to maximize the absorption or prana. The words, prana+ayama means to live from the dimenison of prana to live with fullness of life. Pranayama techniques recharges the cells, keeping us young and vital with resilient and brilliant clarity of mind. It is easily learned simple to do.

Art Of Living Centers


This is a unique breathing practice developed by Sri Ravi Shankar which floods every cell with oxygen and new life. Negative emotions such as tensions, frustrations that have been stored as toxins in the body are easily up-rooted and are eliminated from the body. Anxiety, depression and lethargy are washed away. Both the mind and body feels refreshed and relieved. After the practise, one is left calm and centered and when we feel good about ourselves, our entire life naturally improves.

More than a more breathing exercise, the rhythm of breath during the Sudarshan Kriya techniques carry a deep significance. The entire universe is governed by rhythms the sun rises and sets, the tides rise and recedes, seasons come and go. The human mind and body has countless biological rhythms. When stress throws us off balance, chaotic rhythms are created within us. Then we feel discomfort. The mind wavers and oscillates between worries about the future and regrets of the past.

The breath is the between the mind and body. Like other natural rhythms in nature, our breath also moves in specific patterns at particular times.

Can you recall how you breathe when you are nervous, angry, relaxed or happy? Every emotion is instantly reflected in the rhythm of the breath. When we reintroduce natural rhythm into our breath, our body , mind and emotions can be brought back from a condition of chaos to a state of balance.

The effect is tangible and immediate. Sudarshan Kriya is a complete a natural process and a powerful tool that is easy to learn and to practice. It is a technique of direct experience that you can receive during the 5 day Course.


What will I benefit?
Your ups and downs, regrets, fears and anxiety will pass fade away in your memory. However, emotional upheavals leave a toxic residue at a cellular level. Much tension is accumulated in the body.

Gradually, over the years, these accumulations take its toll on your health and your general outlook on life.

When your system is saturated with impurities, you succumb to illness. Physically, you begin to age prematurely. You may start to feel angry, stressed out, burned out, or depressed. When the body is stressed or unfit, the mind is also affected thereby causing laziness and lethargy.

The Course will be conducted over 5 days. The techniques and processes are specifically designed to remove impurities within you and clear the way for a fresh, joyous approach to life. Participants have witnessed, experienced and reported many astounding benefits including:

  • Release of fears, depression and anxiety
  • Release of negative patterns
  • Increased energy, vitality and enthusiasm
  • A new sense of well-being
  • A renewed feeling of joy and self confidence
  • Strengthened immune system
  • An enhancement of personal growth
  • A new sense of harmony and emotional balance
  • Clarity of mind worry
  • A renewed appreciation for life

These benefits have been documented by medical researchers in India and North America.

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