Artist Spotlight: Arti Gidwani

Arti Gidwani Ceramic Artist
Arti Gidwani

For a creative mind, inspiration can come from anywhere, anything, anytime. Arti Gidwani, a sculptor, clay jewelry maker and bag maker with a penchant for the unusual and innovative, gets her inspiration from people and things around her.

Arti Gidwani Whimsical Bag
Arti Gidwani Whimsical Bag

Arti Gidwani was born in New Delhi, India and studied English Literature because initially she wanted to be a writer. But, as she says with a smile, ‘sometimes, life happens and things turn out very differently.’

Other than studying ceramics for 2 years in Singapore and attending various workshops over last 18 years Arti has worked alone in her studio experimenting with and understanding different techniques. She is inspired and influenced by the pottery and traditions of Indonesia, which is my current home.

Artist Interview:

‘I started making jewelry and accessories like bags with clay,’ she says, pointing at a beautiful clutch with a handle made of clay. ‘My husband always says that if he stands still long enough, I will put some clay on him as well.’

Her work can be found in private homes and public places in Jakarta and around the world. It has also been featured in various magazines and journals.

Now she has picked up the paintbrush to create vibrant and colorful whimsical paintings, and most of all unique. Arti is an intuitive artist, letting the inspiration take hold of her without planning too much in advance.

Arti Gidwani Conducting a Clay Workshop for Indoindians Artists

“ I believe that pottery is a creation, a poetry of form and the earth that gives birth to it. I strive to make each piece unique and organic that settles well without hurting the environment. I have tried to break the mould of the conventional, and explore the limitless versatility of clay. My palette of colors- mostly vibrant- adds to the fluidity of form and breathes life in the piece. The inspiration for my work comes from the world around me, and from studying the origins and evolution of pottery from cultures worldwide.

I have a fascination for the human form; both figurative and abstract, my pieces are handmade, functional and sustainable.“

Arti Gidwani’s Artwork Gallery here:


  • Rang Barse 1 – Group Exhibition in October 2006
  • Rang Barse II – Group Exhibition in November 2008
  • Ceramic Expressions – Solo show at Ita’s Gallery in October 2009
  • Lens and Clay – Exhibition at Koi Gallery in October 2010 with four photographers
  • Clay with Silver Lining – Solo show Indigo Blue Art Gallery in Singapore, April 2012
  • A Touch of Silver and Clay – Exhibition at Alun Alun, Grand Indonesia, December 2012
  • This World Askew – Exhibition at Artotel, Jakarta, June 4 to August 4 2014
  • Rustic Attic- The birth of cool- Fashion Shoe of Ceramic and silver jewelry and bags, April 7, 2015
  • Perceptions- Group Show at Koi Gallery May 2015
  • In Conversation- a potter and a Painter at Ciputra Artpreneur April 2017
  • Celestial- Fashion Show of clay and Silver Jewelry and Bags May 2018