Artist Spotlight: Suruchi Mishra

Indoindians Artist Spotlight Suruchi Mishra
Artist Spotlight Suruchi Mishra

Suruchi Misha is currently a resident of Jakarta. She specializes in Acrylic, oil painting, pencil sketches, Embossed paintings, Madhubani, Kalamkari, charcoal, coffee painting and Decoupaģe. Through a plethora of colors, she presents the beauty of nature in her paintings.

Artist Interview:

About Suruchi Mishra:

The meaning of Suruchi is taste. I was always attracted to the paintings and sketchings at a very early age. Art was in my genes as my mother was a fine arts student of JJ institute of art in Bombay.

She will be an inspiration always as she used to teach us the different forms of art at an early age. Also I did a lot of hobby courses but best was the teachings of a teacher who was a master of paintings wether its oil, watercolour or acrylic. Learning from him helped me gain a lot of knowledge of arts. Also corrected many of my flaws.

Nature seems to be pouring in all its beauty and I have been an ardent observer of the plethora of colours it has to offer. My love of paintings started from observing the surroundings.

Sketching is my forte and I can sketch any face by seeing its picture. Its my personal favourite. Whether its coloured pencil sketch or oil pastels, chinese ink art, I have done it all.

After marriage I came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I was teaching kids all the art forms. I hosted two Art exhibitions with mine and students work altogether. After 8 years in KL we moved to Jakarta, its been 6 years here and since then teaching kids and adults here different art forms.

Charcoal art is another favourite of mine. Oil painting is the new area I have forayed into recently. It’s the most relaxing form of art and rewards you very well in the form of a lovely lustre in paintings. Brushes helped me to merge the colours into something new and exciting.

Other than that I have done embossed paintings, acrylic and now another art form which is called ‘Decoupage’. It is very exciting to work on old trays, plates, tissue boxes, tables and convert them into something creative and beautiful.

I have participated in few Art exhibitions with my teacher while growing up and here also in Jakarta.

My passion towards art makes me try new and creative areas like embossed art work which mystifies me.

Making Ganesha painting is my favorite. And I continue to do so.

I continue teaching Acrylic painting, oil colors, Watercolors, decoupage, charcoal, Madhubani, Kalamkari, pencil sketching, color pencil shading, coffee painting, embossed painting and and other art forms here in Jakarta and will continue exploring new Art Arenas. Also I am trying to find and work on new art forms every now and then.
Fine arts is the world of endless possibilities and even if you learn some you will never be able to cover the whole topic.

Favorite movie: Titanic

Favorite book: Life of Pi

I have recently started my own Youtube channel dedicated to Art:

Instagram : Artsvilla By Suruchi

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Art Gallery: View and buy Suruchi’s artworks