Artist Spotlight: Vasundara Sur

Peaceful place by Vasundara Sur
Peaceful place by Vasundara Sur

Meet Vasundara Sur, living in Jakarta from past 14 years. A Chemistry teacher by profession, she tries to incorporate art in all her lessons.

Artist Spotlight Interview:

Vasundara is from Mysore, Karnataka and has been passionate about art since her childhood. Geometric rangolis, beautiful Mysore palace architecture and colorful Dasara festival have been imbibed in her memories.

She loves art although she has not had any formal training in art. She especially enjoysย  watercolors, simply because there is an immense pleasure in watching how pigments mix together and create the stories she wants to tell the world effortlessly.

She loves to feel things by touch! This got her into the world of mixed media where stories can be told using various mediums and amazing and powerful textures can be created.