Cheap Ways To Get Healthy This Year


Section: Eat Organic Food, Exercise, Don’t Use Your Phone, Healthy Habits, Reduce Stress

Having a healthy life is important for everyone because no one wants to get sick. Why should you be healthy? Firstly, if you’re not in your best condition, you cannot do anything properly. Being in a healthy state means more fun time. If you are sick, what can you do? So be in a healthy condition is a must. There are cheap ways to get healthy this year. Do you want to know more about being healthier? Keep reading…

5 Ways to get healthy

Most of the ideas that I’m sharing with you will not cost you a fortune. People say that being healthy is expensive because they need to buy this, and that to keep themselves healthy. If you know the trick, there are cheap ways to get healthy this year. Check this out:

1. Eat organic food

cheap ways to get healthy this year

Well, the first cost-effective way to get healthy this year would be to stop eating fast foods and junk foods. These two types of food are affecting your healthiness especially your weight. Many people get fat because they cannot control their food consumption. They tend to eat unhealthy food. Eating junk foods and fast food cannot give you the vitamins and nutritions that your body need.

Eating is not only about getting your stomach full, but it also means to fill up your body with healthy materials. When your body is not getting the proper amount of nutritions that required, it will affect your body negatively. Even though you don’t realize it, your body does. You might think that eating organic stuff will force you to spend more money to buy them. While that might be true, but there are ways to get them without costing you an arm and a leg.

  • Buy vegetables in their season. Buying veggies when their season comes means less money to spend. During harvest time, the supply is more than enough. With that said, the stock can be easily found and the price will be cheaper too.
  • Eat freshly made food. Consuming fresh food is better than the one that in canned because you can avoid all the unhealthy stuff such as the preservative found in canned foods.
  • Grow it on your own. Another thing that you can try is by growing your food supplies. It doesn’t mean that you will have to grow anything you want but still, doing this will cost you less money than buying them in the supermarket. If you don’t have enough space to plant it, made one. There are tons of videos on youtube that will show you tutorials on how to plant in limited space.
  • Make a list. This one is also important. To prevent you from spending more money buying unhealthy items, you need to make a list first before you go to the grocery. It will make you focus on what you are buying.
  • Eat before you go shopping. Many people don’t do this. Even though you want to have a healthy life but if you go out with your stomach empty, it will give you desire to eat more.

2. Exercise


Eating healthy food is not the only thing that you need to do. Eating healthy food but not burning some fat is also a problem. When you don’t exercise, your fat is adding every single day. Exercise is the one thing that people are lazy to do. They tend to say that, they don’t have time to do exercise because of their daily activities. Don’t you know there are cheaper ways to get healthy this year that you can do without disturbing your daily activities? You still can do an exercise even if you have a busy daily routine. There is some simple way that you can do to stretching out your body.

  • Walks. Walking is the easiest way to burn some fat. Walk for five minutes around your house block. You also can walk to your workplace if the distance is reachable by walking. When you want to go to an upper floor, you can use the stairs. You can do mini jogging at the stairs. During lunch time, don’t order. Go out and buy your food. You can walk to a restaurant and burn some fat.
  • When you are watching television, you can still burn your fat. Don’t use your television remote control and change the channel like the old days. Yes, change it manually. You can walk to your television. Or you can even do run in place exercise during commercial breaks.
  • When you are cooking your meal at home or while waiting for them to cook, you can do head and neck exercises.
  • Download a fitness app. By downloading a fitness app, it helps you to know how long you should do your exercise.

3. Don’t use your phone too much


Other cheap ways to get healthy this year is by reducing the use of your phone. Being attached too much to your phone is a bad idea. If you stick to your phone too long, it will decrease your productivities. Playing with your phone should be done in particular condition. You can see them once in a while but try to use them less. There are some ways that you can try to avoid getting addicted to your mobile phone:

  • Turn on your phone at a particular time. Don’t use your phone when it’s time to eat. If you play with your phone while eating, you cannot control what you eat; this will make you eat everything without you realize it.
  • Use your phone to help you exercise. You can download training app that can help you managing your practice time. It can also give ideas on what kind of exercises that you need to do.
  • Listen to some music on your phone and dance with it. When you dance, you move your body. This movement can also burn fat.
  • Use the airplane mode when you about to go to sleep. Getting enough sleep is also one way to be healthier. Less sleep will make you tired and not having energy on the next day. So make sure you rest well.

4. Healthy habits

The next inexpensive ways to get you healthy this year is to adapt healthy habits. What is a healthy habit? It is a practice that can give a positive effect on your body and soul. Not only you but people around you can also feel the positive effects. These are some habits that you can do.

  • Use some nice and comfortable cover for your bed and pillow. Also, don’t forget to change the cover now and then. Doing this will keep the freshness of your bed and pillow.
  • Expose your body to the morning heat. Being exposed to the sun is not always a bad thing, especially during 7 am to 9 am. When morning come, go out and enjoy the fresh air and take some time to feel the sun. You can also do a little jogging around your house while having your sun bath.
  • Keep your home and environment clean. A clean environment is equal to healthy life. You should do the cleaning yourself such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, doing the dishes and throwing your garbage. Do all of them to help you to burn more fat.
  • Sleep early. When you sleep early, your body will get enough time for resting after doing activities all day. It helps your energy to recharge for tomorrow morning. This habit will help you to wake up early too.

5. Reduce your stress

reduce stress and be healthy

Stress is another problem that triggers health issues. The other cheaper way to get healthy is by getting rid of your stress. You should relief your stress. Be in a stressful condition is not okay. If you keep the stress yourself, it will affect you and your surrounding. When someone keeps the stress for too long, they will let it go to someone else, and this could trigger bad things. So here are ways that you can do to kick the stress out of your body.

  • Go to a remote place where no one else is there and scream as loud as you can. You need to find a place that far from your neighborhood. You don’t want to disturb them, aren’t you?
  • Do things that you love such as doing your hobby. When you are doing your hobby, it will likely to make you happy and reduce your stress.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol is not an answer for any problem. You can’t think straight when under the influence of alcohol.
  • Have a pet. Having a cute dog, for example, can help you reduce your stress. Playing with them can boost your happiness.
  • Play some video game that increases your adrenalin. The enjoyment of playing games can make you feel great, and it can help in reducing your stress.
  • Always be a happy person. You need to talk to yourself, so you can be happier and enjoy your life better. No one love grumpy person aren’t they?

So there you have it, some cheap ways to get healthy this year. The tips above are the simple things that you can try to keep your body healthy and avoid any sickness. Never give up when you do it. Even if it is hard to do for the first time, but when you already used to it, it will not be so hard anymore. So, let’s stay healthy this year!