Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Chronic Fatigue

Yes, you’re feeling low, wretched and exhausted and you dont know why. Somebody prompts you to see a doctor. The doctor is good. He gives you a thorough go-over, order a battery of tests and when you go back to him with the test reports, he hands you a clean chit. No anemia, no diabetes, no heart disease, no tuberculosis, no kidney problems-all is well. It sure is reassuring, but you remain in the same hole. Your doctor is kind, he hands you a prescription for multivitamin pulls and says. “You’ll do fine”. But nothing changes.

If that is how you feel, then my friend, you suffer from symptoms of chronic fatigue and most doctors will have little patience with you.

Breaking out of chronic fatigue isnt difficult, provided you know the rules…

Begin your day with a 30 to 40 minute brisk walk to re-charge your batteries and get your engine going. Exercise is a wonderful source of energy both for your mind and body. Make a regular exercise programmer and stick to it. You will soon realize its benefits. During the course of the day, just in case your engine begins to slow down, take a five minute walk, or if that is not possible just do a few stretch-up exercises.
Never start your day under pressure of time. Start your day early. Always reserve a few minutes for traffic hold-ups, time delays on other peoples part and if still need be, re-schedule your days plan. A rush-rush schedule saps you of a lot of energy, and quite unnecessarily.

Set clear goals for each day. Take time each morning to set specific goals for the day.

Determine what you want to do; dont let routine control you. You may have to change this now and then, but just grin and accept it, never let it go too far. Remember, you cant please everybody, but the bottom line is “Your employer is the boss, he pays for your time.”

At most times, honesty is the best policy. Just dont say yes to every job that comes your way and end up biting off more than you can chew. You should know when you cant take any more and learn how to say no. Be polite and genuine about it and you’ll find most people will understand you. Taking on too many obligations and commitments is a sure way to write your epitaph. Dont let yourself fall into this trap. Tackle one thing at a time. Many a time you feel fatigued just because you think, “I have so much to do, where should start and how will ever complete it.” The remedy is simple-make a list, set your priorities and chart your progress, giving your best to the job at hand. Before long, all your tasks will be done and you will still feel energetic.
Breathe deeply. The yogis and sages have done it for thousands of years. To get rid of fatigue, breathe deeply three times in a row. Do this to six times a day. The deep breath routine is very simple: first, exhale quickly through the mouth and nostrils. Next inhale slowly through the nostrils only, counting from one to 12. Now, hold your breath to a count of six. Finally, exhale, counting to six. Repeat these steps three times. You will find yourself refreshed and re-energized.
Stay trim and fit. Keep your weight under check. If you let go you can be sure that the extra pounds will wear you down. Shed the extra pounds, and you will realize the big difference.
Eat properly. Do not be careless about your meals. East on time dont fast for long hours. Never skip breakfast. Eat light meals and do not stuff yourself, wondering if you will have time for the nest meal. A well balanced diet is crucial in breaking out of chronic fatigue. Dont eat junk food, eat less fatty, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Sleep is a tonic. Take a regular six to eight hours sleep during the night; and a short nap during the day-if you find that refreshing and your work schedule permits it. Too many late night will surely wear you down. But never overdose on sleep. If you oversleep, you many wake up with a heavy head and feel groggy all day.
Many people have written wonderful books on the virtues of positive thinking. Read them, if you need to. But do think positively. It will open your mind to a vast ocean of energy. You will feel motivated to achieve the impossible, and things will work out the way you want.
Music can light your fire. Good music, music that you enjoy is a wonderful remedy to beat stress and fatigue. Tune in to it and pep yourself up.
Water is an energizer. And in many ways. Drink water in plenty each day. Drink water whenever you find time. A good soak in a bath can wipe you clean of fatigue. If you like to swim, do so it makes for excellent exercise. Enjoy waters newer forms Jacuzzi and sauna baths are excellent remedies for fatigue.
Spice your life with humor. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Go on, enjoy it. A good laugh can set you free both physically and mentally.
If things fall into a rut everything is routine and nothing is new, a feeling of fatigue may set in. Don’t let this happen. Take on new challenges. Do things differently. Be adventurous. And you will find things will soon brighten up. Remember that to explore is human nature. It gives you a lot of joy and excavates new depths of energy in you. Do things that enjoy. Take time to read, go to the theater, enjoy a picnic, visit a friend, maybe just go for a drive but do things that you enjoy. Freak out. After all, life is not just being a workaholic. Anyway, relaxation is the best recipe to energize.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Is this you? Then pack your bags and set out for a place you love. I Have always found the mountains and sea perfect havens and excellent energy boosters.
Just in case you’re on any particular long-term medicine, ask your doctor if it could be responsible for that knocked-out feeling. Many medications like the antihistamines, anti-psychotics, sedatives, tranquilizers, antiemetics and some analgesics can make you feel groggy. In case you need to carry on with the medication for a long period of time, ask your doctor, if the can make any changes that that can free you from this unwanted medication effect.

So here you are. Just follow these simple guidelines and you will find that fatigue troubles you no more !