CYNTHIA WIHARDJA: A Purposeful Leader … A Purposeful Coach


    CYNTHIA WIHARDJA: A Purposeful Leader ... A Purposeful CoachS-O-S: STRATEGY OF SUCCESS – Living a life of well-being and success
    Interviews with people who have been successful in any aspect of their life and are willing to share their stories and tips on how they did it. This includes business owners, coaches, speakers, authors, self-growth or self-help gurus, domain experts and more.

    With 20 years of international experience, Cynthia understands western and eastern mindset in her work with companies to integrate the two in a solid team. She started and owns the ActionCOACH business in South Jakarta.

    Her personal vision is to Create a World where People Contribute at their very BEST and her Business Coaching team has achieved proven results in terms of Profit, Time, and Team. Her professional experience includes sales & marketing and a successful business turn around projects in Singapore & Indonesia.

    Cynthia is great at guiding committed clients to achieve personal CLARITY to help leaders find their purpose and legacy. Her coaching style is appreciative and direct.  She engages not just the mind, but also the heart, the body and the spirit of her clients to enhance the transformation experience.  She helps others find self fulfillment in professional excellence.

    Cynthia is a Master NLP Practitioner and a CCF Certified Coach. She is the Winner of the International Women Entrepreneur Challenge in 2010 and has earned the rank of Top 100 Coaches of the world and was inducted as the first woman in the ActionCoach global Hall of Fame in 2014.

    She serves as a Board Member in the British Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia and speaks pro bono for non-profit organizations.