Digital Transformation in Corporate Learning & Development

Digital Transformation in Corporate Learning & Development

PT Infotech Solutions online monthly sessions track 5: Digital Transformation in Corporate Learning & Development

In this session, speakers discuss learning platforms, guiding questions and use cases to bring clarity on digital transformation in learning & development.

When: Tuesday, 15th Dec from 11am – 12.30pm


Nalin Singh
Life Coach, Author & Corporate Strategy Mentor

Joydeep Bose
Managing Director & Group CHRO, Olam International

Abhay Saboo
Co-Founder, CoLearn


Sachin V Gopalan
Co Founder & CEO, Orbit Future Academy

Forward-thinking leaders realize that digital transformation of their corporate training programs, is the first step to improving their competitive advantage.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is that it’s not as simple as paying for an online meeting account to transform corporate training programs for an increasingly digitized and virtual corporate work environment. Digital learning, synchronous or asynchronous, is fundamentally different from face-to-face training. Organizations have to define the our learning goals to corporate performance measures.


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