Educative Eco-Tourism at Environmental Education Center Seloliman


Environmental Education Center Seloliman is a wonderful place for you, your children, even people who are older to learn more about the environment and taking care of the environment. The place provides its location for staying in but also provides education package. It is an all-rounder that is guaranteed to fill you with enjoyment and instills more knowledge to your mind at the same time. Some of the most noteworthy features is the pristine nature, the local villages that is still located there as well as a mountain that is filled with ancient ruins from Majapahit area.


Bungalows at Environmental Education Center Seloliman.


Rooms inside the Bungalows.

Visitors who are visiting this area will have a swell experience during their stay. Not only will they be able to enjoy their experience but they will also be able to learn how to enjoy eco-tourism and learn more about the environment at the same time . Everything from the halls to the basic facilities like electricity and water heaters are supplied by nature. During your short stay, you will be able to use solar powered water heaters and electricity run by waters during your short stay here.

Rooms: Bungalow amenities include showers, toilets, private bathrooms, breathtaking view of nature, dinner table, balcony and more. All the rooms offer the same amenities aside from the size of the rooms and the amount of beds provided. You can choose between Classic Quadruple room or Family Rooms. Guest House amenities has more variety, with a house filled with fish ponds, wider spaces and calmer atmosphere. In this area, you can warm your drinks up using solar power. For a more affordable room, you can pick the dorm variety which can house up to 60 people.

Library: The media collections in the library is quite a feat, with 5.000 different book titles both in Indonesian and English. Other forms of media such as video tapes, CDs, slides about the environment are also available. The wide variety of media is also completed with the calm ambience within the library.

AlasRestaurant: One of the locations is a restaurant which is a must-try for visitors. Located in the middle of the forest surround with a fish pond, you will most likely offer you peace and solace. The food is especially one that you should try for its made with organic ingredients, has no preservatives, artificial coloring or anything of the sort. You will be able to get the full experience with traditional Indonesian dishes made from organic ingredients fetched from around the area. Managers would also provide a lesehan room (sitting on the floor) which has gamelan for people to freely play.

The environmental education is hoped to show those who visit this location that they can still have an exciting vacation still caring for the environment. Students who are visiting this area can particularly enjoy the hall and library to study more about the environment. However this message is relayed both inside and outside the center.

Programs Offered

Line of plants at gardens.

While entering the area, people will be able to see the gardens and a variety of plants and greenhouses on the way to the main building. Some of the things to see here include the different variety of organic plants, along with methods on how to grow it organically. If not, you can also walk around to calm your mind and drink in the beauty of nature.

Educative packages are also available for family gatherings and corporate gatherings. You will have fun and also learn more about the nature that surrounds you.


Dusun Sempur and Dusun Biting

Rice paddies close to the local village.

The eco-tourism does not only consist of exploring nature but also involves getting engaged with the locals living in the villages. Here, you can see the everyday lives of the villagers including the rice paddies and traditional houses.

Candi Jalatundo

Famed water source at Candi Jolotundo.

One of the places that you should visit include the ancient bathhouse from the era of Prabu Airlangga. Several of its features include the pristine nature, the bathhouses that are still kept in perfect condition and water that is believed to be miraculous. Amongst the ‘miracles’ are healing skin conditions, maintaining skin youth, maintaining overall body health and healing the body of illnesses.

In the past, a foreign researcher has also tested the bathwater and proven that it does contain the benefits believed by the locals. After the research, the water is even declared to be one of the best water sources in the world.

How to Get There

By Car:

  • Surabaya Route : Keluar Tol Gempol – Apollo/Gempol – Japanan – Ngoro Industri – PPLH Seloliman
  • Malang Route : Pandaan – Prigen – Trawas – PPLH Seloliman.
  • Yogya/Solo/Madiun Route : Mojokerto – Mojosari – Ngoro Industri – PPLH Seloliman.
  • Probolinggo/Pasuruan Route : Gempol/Apollo – Japanan – Ngoro Industri – PPLH Seloliman.

Bu Public Transportation:

  • Surabaya Route : Terminal Bungurasih – Get to the bus heading to Malang – Stop at Terminal Pandaan – Get on the minibus to ke Trawas – Ride an ojek ke PPLH Seloliman.
  • Malang Route : Get to the bus heading to Surabaya – Stop at Terminal Pandaan – Get on the minibus to Trawas – Ride an ojek to PPLH Seloliman.
  • Yogya/Solo/Madiun Route : Mojokerto Terminal – Get on the yellow bus heading to Pasuruan route – Sto at Ngoro Industri – Ride an ojek to PPLH Seloliman.
  • Probolinggo/Pasuruan Route : Pasuruan Terminal – Get on the yellow bus heading to Mojokerto – Stop at Ngoro Industri – Ride an ojek to PPLH Seloliman.

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