English…As You Didn’t Know It


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    Pallavi Chhabra, a Jakarta based Indian who has been living here for 16 years. A housewife, mother of two. A friendly, comely person who likes to try her hand at many things.

    Out of the approximately 195 countries of the world, English is spoken in around 117 countries which makes it the 2nd most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, and is considered a global lingua franca.

    With so many of us using English as our primary language on a daily basis, one would imagine that we have mastered it.

    Or have we?

    This is the question that kept pestering Pallavi Chhabra, a Jakarta based housewife and a mother of two, when she would notice people make mistakes and confuse words.

    Lose (to misplace) is often confused with loose (not tight). Similarly, quiet (silent) is at times confused with quite (considerably).

    So, couple of years ago, while teaching English to some Korean ladies, Pallavi started listing the oft-confused words which her students could refer to for learning. Nurturing a childhood hobby of playing with words while solving crossword puzzles with her father in her hometown, Bangalore, she kept compiling the lists beyond the simply confused words and it was then that the idea of collecting the various lists in a book form was born which would help not only students but all those who want to improve their English.

    English…As You Didn’t Know It is a compilation of 26 such chapters on the usage of English words including chapters like Tongue Twisters and Similes which make the book fun to read.

    Speaking about her book, Pallavi says, “We use words everyday without really having to think about them consciously. Yet, there are so many words that we either do not know or confuse them with others. This book attempts to add words to your vocabulary”.

    The paperback book will be available for direct delivery in November this year. Please mail to vipal.ch@gmail.com for queries.

    210 pages, Rp. 150,000