Exercising Your Happiness Muscles

Happiness way

By Carl Massy: So welcome to 2019. What do you reckon we make this the best year we have ever had?

In this Happiness Tips I reveal to you what were the three biggest life changers for me when it came to completely enriching my life, adding heaps more joy and finding deeper fulfillment on a daily basis. I will reveal to you the ‘what and why’ and then I will give you specific information that I have personal experience with that can lead you to having similar experiences.

You know; happiness is a choice that requires us to DO certain things in certain ways. What are you prepared to do this year to make 2019 the best year you have ever had?! Come on. Step up to the plate! Don’t be shy. Life is waiting for you.

There are three significant things that I have done in my life that took my level of personal growth and consciousness to a whole new level. In other words they significantly changed the quality of my life for the better. So I thought you might be interested in knowing what were the three things were that I have done in my life and that have made the BIGGEST difference to my level of ongoing happiness.

Number 1: I spent one entire month doing every single great thing I knew to nourish my body, mind and spirit. I ate the best food. Drank the best fluids (which funnily enough did not include boutique beer and fine wine). I did the best exercises. I did the best rituals I knew. I listened to the best information (which didn’t come from CNN or BBC). I adopted the best strategies. I put 10-years of study and research into personal growth and peak performance into practice. And it truly changed my life’s direction.

Number 2: I travelled to different parts of the world on extended sabbaticals (1996, 2001, 2007). I explored other cultures as I explored myself. I let go of my ‘normal’ lifestyle and behavior and turned my vision inwards. I found a state of complete clarity and clearly identified what was important for me in life. This made it real easy to knock back what seemed like great job offers and opportunities because they did not meet my deeper values and clearly identified needs.

Number 3: I attended a number of retreats and self-growth seminars, that taught me things I did not know, in relation to my health and well-being. They also put me in the learning environment, the emotional state and the remarkable company to really make significant changes to the way I was living my life.

So if you have the self-discipline and knowledge to do a month of the best of the best, this will change the course of your life. I also realise that most people don’t have the time or inclination to throw their job in and travel the world (though I am sure that many people are very tempted ;-)). So this month I am going to strongly recommend that you do something for YOU in 2019, and attend a seminar, a retreat or a personal growth course, that takes you out of your comfort zone; that teaches you new material; and that leaves you at the end of the experience a better person.

Let’s face it. Having a holiday or break from work is pretty good fun. Definitely a hoot in parts. But the feelings you experience are often transient. That is, once you leave the banana lounge at the beach bar, clear your system of margarita’s, and return to work; the benefit of that break quickly fade. Whereas doing a retreat or seminar or personal growth course not only refreshes you (because you are not in work mode), but leaves you in a better physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual state.

Have an awesome day too!

CARL MASSY SIGNEmail: carl@carlmassy.com