February 2024 Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

Feb 2024 Horoscope by Pallavi Khetan

The month of January passed too quickly. And it’s February already!

Let’s check the astrological calendar for February followed by monthly predictions for all the moon signs with Pallavi Khetan.

Astrological Calendar Feb 2024Sun will transit to Aquarius on 14th February.

Mars is coming to Capricorn on February 5, which is its sign of exaltation giving a boost of energy to Capricorns.

Mercury is transiting to Capricorn on 1st February and to Aquarius on 20 February.

Venus will transit to Capricorn on February 12th.

New Moon in Capricorn on 9th

And the full moon is on Leo on 24th February.

The slow-moving planets will continue their transit in the same sign as in January; Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Aries, Rahu in Pisces, and Ketu in Virgo.

*These Predictions are for your moon sign.

The moon sign is popularly known as “Rashi” and many people are aware of their moon signs. Those who don’t know can easily use websites like astrosage.com to find their moon sign.


For Aries, February is the star month. With Mercury and Mars coming to their 10th house in the first week followed by Venus in Capricorn in the 2nd week, it’s going to be a wonderful month professionally. Rise in status, getting a promotion, and excelling in a career are all possible for Aries this month. After 15th February there are more gains.


February will give long journeys and visits to religious places. It’s a good time to increase your name and fame in the society. The inner planets are having a party on the 9th house for Taurus. Which is giving many bright and lucky moments. Sun on the 10th will be successful at the workplace but the mother may face some health issues. Sudden expenses are there.


Mars in Capricorn is creating vipareeta Raja Yoga for you, which means success after struggle. Some adversity will be there which will turn into a favorable event for you. Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter continue to be in 9th, 10th, and 11th house for you which means you are going through a major change regarding your career. Fathers may face health issues that need to be taken care of.


Professionally a good month for cancerians. Especially for those who are self-employed or in the service sector. Some stress is there in your life as you are also undergoing “asthma Shani” (Shani in the 8th from your moon) and it can cause some unnecessary stress in life. There can be sudden travel plans.


For Leo, winning in the competitive exams is possible also victory over your enemies will be there. With the sun coming over to your 7th house, conflict with partners and life partner can give you stress and irritation. Excellent time for career especially if you are in a job. Jupiter in your 9th house continues to give you gains and Rahu in your 8th continues to give you interest in occult and other mysteries of life. Around the 24th there will be a great surge of energy due to the full moon in your sign.


February is a good month for the Virgos, as the inner planets will be gathering in the 5th house of luck and prosperity. You can expect good luck in expressing your creativity but the Presence of Mars in there can trigger conflict with your siblings and kids. 4th lord in the 8th house

Continue to give relationship issues.

Ketu in the 1st house continues to make you a bit detached from the world.


Libra 4th house is being activated by Mercury, Mars, and Venus which will give mixed results. While it gives new opportunities regarding career at the same time the relationship with the spouse will face some difficulties. The health of the mother needs to be taken care of. Your vehicle will need repairing or servicing. Good time to invest in property or buy a new home.


Scorpions are going through Kantaka shani ( shani in 4th house from Moon) which will last one more year. So naturally you will face health problems and disharmony in the family, but in February you will get a bit of relief from the health issues and should try to roam around to feel lighthearted. Travel plans are there and you will be full of enthusiasm and excitement.


Your family will be having a fun time in February. It’s a lucky month for you as well. Travel will be fruitful. Siblings may come over and you can have a fun time with them. The father may have health issues. Career-wise you are facing uncertainties that will continue for some more time.


Your efforts will pay off in February. Many career opportunities are on your way and you can really make the most out of it in February. Short travels will be fruitful for you. There is a sudden surge of energy in you that will make you feel enthusiastic about your work and life. Jupiter in your 4th house continues to give you prosperity and happy family times. Around 9th Feb there will be many new beginnings in your life due to the presence of a new moon.


You are undergoing the peak phase of your sade sati, which will continue up to 2025. It’s a stressful time for you but at the same time, there is huge scope for self-development. February particularly can bring losses and expenditures. And can bring much conflict with your partner. Health can also go down, so overall need to take extra care in every area of your life.


For Pisces, the sadesati( 7.5 years of effect) began already. Good or bad results depend on the placement of Saturn in your horoscope. But in general, it is a challenging phase of your life. February will give gains and some expenditures. You will gain from networking, communicating, and increasing your community. Cash inflow is there but there are unavoidable big expenses which can give much stress. Overall a mixed month for you.


Pallavi Khetan - Tarot card reader, Astrologer and Vaastu practitionerby Pallavi Khetan