Fun Things To Do in Ancol

Fun Things You Can Do in Ancol

When we talk about things to do in Jakarta, ‘Ancol’ is on usually on top of the list. Ancol Bay City, a resort destination is located along Jakarta’s waterfront. It is a 552 hectare recreation area is known as the Ancol Jakarta Bay City and includes hotels, cottages, beaches, a theme park, and many more. Ancol is still one of the most favorite family entertainment destination in Jakarta. Not only for Jakartans, but also for tourists.

Have you been at Ancol? If you have not, here are our guides of things that you can do around Ancol Bay City:

Ride the Exciting Rides at Dunia Fantasi


Dunia Fantasi, or Dufan, is a famous amusement park in Jakarta and Indonesia. Here you can try over 30 exciting rides and attractions. The theme park is divided into eight regions which are Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Greek, Hikayat (Legendary) and Kalila. In 2013, Dufan added one more area, Indoor Dufan, which is completed with Ice Age and Kontiki rides. Since 2014 people also can enjoy Hello Kitty Adventure and Dufan Glow. Recommended rides? Of course it’s Tornado!

Explore the Animal World at Ocean Dream Samudra

ocean dream samudra

Ocean Dream Samudra is an edutainment theme park that features several animal shows, a small aquarium, and a 4D theater. The trained animal show includes a dolphin show. The 4D theater projects 3D image movies with sensations such as cool breezes and water sprays. Other attractions in the Ocean Dream Samudra complex are Underwater Theater Dolphin, Taman Surga Burung (Bird’s Park), Ubur-ubur (Jellyfish), and Scorpion Pirates.

Splash and Swim at Atlantis Water Adventure


Atlantis Water Adventure is one of the must visit waterparks in Jakarta. Atlantis sits on 5 hectares of land, with water adventures across 8 major pools: Poseidon, Antila, Plaza Atlas, Aquarius, Octopus, Atlantean, and Kiddy Pool.

Explore the Nature at Ocean Ecopark

ocean ecopark

The 34 hectare area is a place for public to explore botanical knowledge and outdoor activity. Ecopark is divided into several zones with different function and facilities: Eco Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art, and Eco Energy. Here you can go biking, canoeing, or playing paintball with your friends and family while enjoying the nature.

Visit SeaWorld



SeaWorld in Ancol features the acclaimed Antasena tunnel as well as the sea friends pool, main pool, alligator pool, and shark pool. It has various collections that consist as 22,000 fishes (126 species), 28 reptiles (5 species), and sea creatures that consist of 5,180 fishes (26 species), 79 avertebrata 913 species), 30 reptiles (5 species) and 1 mammal. Your kids would love to visit this arena!

Enjoy the Visual Entertainment at Alive Museum

alive museum

Alive Museum is a ride that comes from South Korea. The museum displays illusions from paintings, digital media, and art pieces. The displays will involve your 5 senses in imaginative illusions media. There is also Allive Star, a collection of wax sculptures of famous people—Hollywood stars, celebrities, and of course K-pop stars. Not only wax sculptures, there are also posters and memorabilia of musicians and original movie posters signed by your favorite stars.

Pump Up Adrenaline at Epicable Park

epicable park

Epic Cable Park is the first and only wakeboarding arena that uses cable wakeboard to play it. Here you will be pulled by a cable that is attached to a jetski. You can do whatever you want: wakeboarding, wakeskating, wakesurfing, or waterskiing. Don’t worry about the gears, as it is all available on the Epicable Park.

Shopping at Pasar Seni

pasar seni ancol

Pasar Seni is an art market that established over 25 years ago. It has become a center for handricrafts and art products. Pasar Seni has also become a center where artists would create and sell their products. It also has Art Academy, where people can learn vocal, keyboard, classic piano, electric guitar, and other arts.