Going Solo


A few smart moves and some clever thinking will keep you – the female traveler – safe on the road:

1. Slip on a wedding ring. Regardless of whether you’re married, it may deter unwanted mate attention or at least signal that you’re not interested and don’t want to be bothered.
2. In pubic toilets, keep your bag close, don’t hang it on any hooks inside the cubicle as thieves can easily and swiftly lift it from outside.
3. If you’re pregnant. check with your doctor and the airline about any restrictions. Pack healthy snacks and get an aisle seat for easy access.
4. Don’t flash jewelery. Wear accessories white traveling, leave the expensive stuff at home – you don’t want to be a sitting duck for thugs.
5. Bring only as much as you can comfortably carry- Lugging heavy baggage makes you vulnerable to attacks.
6. Create some obscure words and practice saying it with aggressive confidence. Spew a few at unwelcome strangers and it will likely intimidate them.
7 .Last but not least, develop some attitude. Walking with confidence and with purpose is your best weapon. Only the weak gets targeted.


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