Hargao Shrimp Dimsum Recipe


Hargao Shrimp Dimsum are Dim Sum that originated from Cantonese area about 90 years ago. By combining  shrimps, bamboo shoot, and pork fat together wrapped in rice flour pastry, the owner of Yee Zhen tea house at Guangzhou was able to make the Five Phoenix dumpling.

As time went on, several chefs made changes from using rice flour pastry to wheat starch. This is done to form a thinner and more delicate dumpling skin. Nowadays, it has evolved to the notable Hargao Shrimp Dim Sum we eat at Chinese restaurants.

Hargao Filling Ingredients:

  • 900 gr Prawn Peeled Fresh
  • 23 gr chicken powder
  • 1 gr Pepper
  • 150 gr Salt
  • 380 gr Sugar
  • 35 ml Sesame oil
  • 78 ml Frying Oil


  1. Add prawn peeled put into mixer and turn on low speed to mixed until it has some viscidity
  2. Add seasoning into mixer then slowly add cooking oil and sesame oil
  3. Add potato starch then turn the mixer to high speed to mix until viscidity
  4. Remove from the mixer, store in freezer

Hargao Skin Ingredients:

  • 93 gr Tang Mein Flour
  • 130 gr Potato Starch
  • 5 gr Salt
  • 262 ml hot water
  • 26 gr corn starch


  1. Mix all flour with salt together
  2. Pour boiled water into a bowl of flour, then mix together evenly.

#ExpertTip: Just buy the kulit pangsit or wrappers from your nearest supermarket