Hints: Check List for a Stress Free Vacation

Hints: Check List for a Stress Free Vacation

Despite the fun you’ll experience when going on a vacation, packing for a trip is another thing. So much preparation is needed-miss one thing and it can ruin your whole vacation. Make your vacations stress free by refering to this article on what to prepare.

1. Pre Trip

  • Learn about travel health risks and how to avoid them before your trip.
  • Prepare or obtain a complete travel itinerary, including the names of cities you will be visiting, how long you will be staying in each city and types of activities you have planned.
  • Book an appointment with your Family Physician in order to get any required vaccination at least 6 weeks before departure date.
  • You should also consult with your Family Physician regarding any existing medical condition which may require special precautions and/or if you are taking prescription medications that need refilling
  • Get an up-to-date record of your immunizations. Beware: some countries have immunization entry requirements.
  • For further information on country specific immunization entry requirements, please refer to the online country guides in the members’ area of the International SOS website: www.internationalsos.com and/or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website: www.cdc.gov

2. During Your Trip

  • Carry your International SOS membership card with you along with your insurance policy number in case of emergency.
  • Consult one of the International SOS 24-hour Alarm Centres for medical assistance throughout your trip.
  • A complete list of worldwide locations is available on www.internationalsos.com
  • Make a back-up copy of all important documents (insurance policy, passport photo page, medical records) and place them in a safe place in case you need to 3,000rely on someone back home to access this information for you.
  • Carry a first-aid kit with essentials to handle basic conditions such as traveler’s diarrhea, insect bites, dehydration, cold-like symptoms and small cuts and bruises.

3. Post Trip

  • If possible, take a few afternoons off or at lease, leave early. After vacations is the best time to exercise your flexi time.
  • Take an extra day. Schedule your vacation so that it ends one day before you’re due back into the office. This allows time for you to get back into your regular routine
  • Extend your vacation. Keep a picture from your vacation in your wallet or taped to the inside of a desk draw. When work starts getting overwhelming, pull out your little happy place and take a deep breath.
  • Get a massage, because indulgence doesn’t end with vacation.
  • While on vacation, always remember to keep your emergency contacts handy along with the following numbers: International SOS Bali Alarm Centre +62 361 710 505 | International SOS Jakarta Alarm Centre +62 21 750 600

Thank you to International SOS for providing the hints.