Hints: Safety on The Roads


Here are some hints to ensure that you and your family remain safe while out and about on the streets of Jakarta.

  1. Ensure that your car is well maintained and the gas tank is kept topped up. You should carry a basic tool kit, jump leads, jack, tire iron and inflated spare tire.
  2. Keep a good street directory in your car and try to familiarize yourself with local roads and landmarks. At night keep to well it, populated streets wherever possible.
  3. Always carry a first-aid kit in your car as well as a flashlight.
  4. Keep a supply of water or other drinks in your car in case of severe traffic jams.
  5. Carry a hand phone with you at all times.
  6. Keep car doors locked and windows closed at all times while traveling in your car.
  7. Never leave any valuables in an unattended car, even though it is locked. Ask your driver to stay with the car if you need to leave anything of value in it.
  8. Be especially careful when stopped at traffic lights. If you want to look at merchandise offered for sale by vendors, do so through the closed window, and only open the window a little if you want to buy something.
  9. ย Before getting into or out of your car, check out the surrounding area for anything that looks suspicious. Always be alert to what is going on around you.
  10. If you are walking in the streets do not wear expensive jewelry or carry large amounts of cash. Wear your purse with the strap across your body not hanging from one shoulder, or even better, wear a waist pouch to carry your money.
  11. All expatriates are required by law to carry their passports and residence permits with them at all times, however due to the possibility of losing the originals and the hassle involved in replacing these important documents, most people carry only photocopies. You can give an official the name and address of your office where the originals can be seen.
  12. If your tire is damaged do not stop immediately, but continue driving to a safe place to check the damage, such as a public building, hotel, apartment or office car park where there are security officers.
  13. If your car is involved in a traffic accident stay inside the car. Give your driver some cash and let him negotiate with the other party. Never give your home address or phone number, but give only your office address and phone number.

Provided by: Colliers International