Home-made Immunity Booster Chutney by Geeta Seth


A quick, easy and immunity boosting chutney recipe by Geeta Seth

15 cloves of garlic
Half cup bhuna chana
One handful moringa leaves
One handful curry leaves
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
2 tablespoon mix sunflower n melon seeds or pumpkin seeds
One amla (Indian gooseberry)
One tablespoon flaxseeds
Lemon juice
Pink salt
Hing 1/4 teaspoon
1 teaspoon jeera (cumin) seeds
2 dry red chilli
Half teaspoon turmeric powder

Immunity Boosting Chutney by Geeta Seth
Immunity Boosting Chutney by Geeta Seth


  1. In a pan dry roast cumin and flaxseeds
  2. Dry roast garlic for few minutes
  3. Deseed amla
  4. Now mix everything together and grind coarsely

Adjust the taste of salt and chilli as per your likes. Also lemon juice as per taste
Store in a glass container n refrigerate. The chutney can be grinded to a paste too by adding little water.

Also another way is to heat coconut oil 1 tablespoon
To it add jeera
Add moringa and curry leaves
Roast for 5 minutes
Cool it
Now add other ingredients and grind it

This is a great immunity booster. During lock down days presently people make limited varieties of food. Adding this chutney one tablespoon a meal compensate for all immunity boosting foods. Side effect….You are free from gases due to pink salt and heeng.

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