How To Choose A Fountain Pen

How To Choose A Fountain Pen

By Vaibhav Sagar

So, you’re not happy with your pen, eh? Or perhaps you thought that Parker in the window was the perfect one until it tossed its cookies at the very moment when you were signing that special contract. Either way, you seem to have come to the right place. Here is what to look for when choosing a fountain pen.

Size: A big barrel alleviates pressure on the fingers (read: you don’t have to grip the barrel as tightly), but if you have small fingers, a big barrel will feel awkward.

Weight: Most of us like the initial feel of a heavy barrel, but if you are planning to write for a prolonged time, the extra weight will tire you faster.

Filling device: Most modern pens can be filled with converters / cartridges. This is great, as it seriously decreases the time taken to fill a pen. If you have difficulty in filling your fountain pen, click here.

Nib Type: People with small handwriting should choose a fine nib. People like bold writing should choose a medium nib. As broad nibs are difficult to find, I won’t comment on these. You should basically balance the advantages of a nib with its disadvantages. A fine nib is not as smooth as a medium nib, but creates a finer line.

Remember these tips and you will get yourself a great fountain pen!