Ice Cream

Ice Cream

In any big city, Ice Creams are easy to find. Starting from the street corner, ice cream bar, cafe, and the ever so delightful ice cream man on his rounds.

Ice creams originated in Itlay with the recipe brought by Marco Polo from China in 1295.Since then t has evolved into a gourmet delight. More on history of ice cream

The very nature of ice creams is that it is cold and sweet. Leading to flavours such as chocolate or vanilla and then to fruity flavors. Around 1980’s fried ice cream were popular and this then led to new flavors such as red bean, green tea etc. Different flavors to tempt the most finicky palate.

Lots of people especially women avoid eating this delectable dessert from fear of putting on weight because of the myth the ice creams are rich in fat. Ice creams also have minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, and proteins, Vitamin A. Ice creams are also available fat -free.

Toppings of innumerable kinds are available to beautify and enhance the taste of the taste cold treat.

For the creative, make your own ice creams at home from scratch or use the ready mix available at supermarkets for home made ice cream. Very simple.