Indoindians Artist Spotlight: Vibhawari Singh

Indoindians Artist Spotlight Vibhawari Singh
Indoindians Artist Spotlight Vibhawari Singh

Vibhawari Singh is currently residing in Jakarta with her family. She has created a signature collection and working on privately commissioned paintings in many different styles.

Vibha’s artworks are totally based on what touches her and what she would like to see in surroundings. She is inspired with unique heritage art Persian and Relief art. “Persian” is richest and unique art heritage in the world history of Iranian and encompasses many traditional discipline like Painting, Sculpture, Weaving, Pottery, Calligraphy and Metalworking. This Iranian art is the most unique and oldest technique in each art.

“Relief” were found in middle eastern culture. It is a sculptural technique where the sculpted elements remain attached to a solid background usually on a plane surface of the same material.

Artist Interview:

She also enjoys two dimensional art on wood, where the sculpted lines on the textured wood surface show interesting story lines. Viewers can indulge around in this fusion structure by following many different and unique artwork that she has made like Jharokha Painting, Glass painting, Zentangle Art, Mandala work, Foil embossing, Clay work. My artistic journey covered foil work, Glass work, resin work ,work on leather handbags, gold leaf work and many more.

From early childhood Vibha has loved anything related to drawing and colors. She took professional training at very young age with highly skilled artist living in Gorakhpur and learned more than 40 kinds of arts over there and wherever and whenever got opportunity took training from artists. Though it was all pushed by her artistic and creative mother, her vision was been totally changed and started toying with Canvas, Fabric painting with exploring different technique each time . So after her graduation in science, she did fashion designing, where she learned many different kind of work.

Vibha believes that art is an expression of painter’s imaginative and conceptual ideas intended to appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Her natural abilities have been sharpened through consistent and sincere effort, but she stills thinks of herself as a learner because art has no boundary.

Vibha’s fearless experimentation with new materials and processes epitomize the vibrancy of the dream world.