Indoindians Newsmakers – Nalin Singh

Indoindians Newsmakers - Nalin Singh

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This week we have Nalin Singh in conversation with host Jyoti Chawla.

When: Thursday 23rd March at 3pm WIB LIVE

Nalin Singh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Orbit Future Academy that provides “Skills for Future Jobs,” based out of Indonesia. He also leads its India business, Natio Cultus which is a boutique strategy consulting company for entrepreneurs wanting to raise funds for their business.

He has held several leadership positions in leading global corporations across India, Asia, Europe and the US. His last corporate role was as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Post that he has experienced the high and lows of entrepreneurship first hand. He believes that mentors should be forthright and direct in their inputs to leaders. He frequently speaks about the need for advisors and experts to demystify difficult situations and choices for leaders and not to mystify simple ones.

He has dabbled in film making and produced a dozen animation and live action movies. He has also authored four non-fiction books. Among them was the bestselling book, Reboot to Reconquer – Navigating the Afternoon of Life. This book deals with the very real issue of mid-life crises and ways to cope with them.

His other bestselling book “Get Funded Now” has won the National Book Honor. It helps to guide Entrepreneurs and would be Entrepreneurs in mastering the rigors faced in the path to securing successful funding. His company launched the India Fund Fest & Indonesia Fund Fest for startups that seek funding away from the chaotic carnival like startup events.

Nalin frequently speaks & writes on issues relating to education, skills, outsourcing, BPO, cultural matters, diversity, aspirations of the youth and a variety of other topics related to the startup ecosystem. He has also been on the Advisory Board of leading corporates, various Industry Associations & publications. With more than thirty years of diverse experience he provides life & strategy coaching to leaders and boards of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities and startup Founders. A keen follower of vedic astrology he utilizes this skill uniquely in advising individuals to achieve optimal results.

He was featured in the first edition of the startup funding web series, Horses Stable. He has co-authored three fiction novels, TripTease, Mooncircles & Cafe Morgan. He is also on the advisory board of the global media house, Transcontinental Times. He hosts two shows on entrepreneurship in India and Indonesia on a weekly basis.