Indoindians Online Event: Living Your Best Self in 2021

Indoindians Online Event - Living your best self in 2021 with Deepika Mulchandani

Living Your Best Self in 2021 facilitated by  Deepika Mulchandani (MSocSc, CMSAC), Somatic Psychotherapist & Relationship Consultant and Founder of The Open Connections,
How do we thrive mentally, emotionally & spiritually this year? What separates us from Living to Thriving?

When: Friday, 19th Feb from 3pm Jkt | 1.30pm Sg

Where: Online Zoom Event. Click here >> to register

This is a FREE event and open to all.

2020 saw the world moved by a lack of certainty and clarity and with it the enormous
anxiety that swept across the globe. Now that we are recovering from the pandemic and
picking up lessons from it, we have the choice to create and design a life that not only looks good externally but feels congruent and connected on the inside. This is possible regardless of where we find ourselves in life: Professionals, Parents, Young adults.

Deepika will share with us in more depth a significant research-based knowledge from the
world of Neuroscience & Systemic Therapy:

  • how our mind, body and relationships work together to determine the quality of the life we are living.
  • the potential we have as people with a neuroplastic brain function.
  • a simple but profound practice including that of both Compassion & Resilience that we can implement in our lives that can open up opportunities, potential and possibilities for us to create the steady and balanced life we truly want for ourselves this year.

Indoindians Online Event - Creating Our Best Life in 2021 with Deepika MulchandaniAbout Deepika Mulchandani

Deepika is also the advisor to a Mental Health Platform and App based in India called Heyy. Deepika also actively supports a community of parents and mothers here in Indonesia who wishes to grow their knowledge of Self-Healing, Emotional Resourcing and learn helpful insights to parent from a Connected place. Deepika also runs talks and workshops on her New Series entitled Connection-Based Living she has recently launched.
On a personal level, She has also successfully recovered medication-free from debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia and Chronic pain, a condition she was diagnosed with at the age of 24. Throughout this process of recovery, she has learnt how interconnected our mind, body, relationships and environment are. This is what informs her practice now combined with an extensive experience of more than 12 years of experience in Community work, Educational Institutions and Private Healthcare clinic in Singapore and Australia.