Indoindians Talks with Ambassador of India to Indonesia H.E. Manoj K Bharti

Indoindians Talks with Ambassador of India to Indonesia H.E. Manoj K Bharti

We welcome Ambassador of India to Indonesia H.E. Manoj Kumar Bharti to Indonesia. He presented his papers to President Jokowi in February 2021.

“It is a matter of great honor for me to serve as the ambassador of India to the closest and strategic friend of the Indonesian republic. I really admire Indonesia’s culture and its leadership in the ASEAN. I look forward to strengthening the already close strategic relationship between our two countries,” H.E. Bharti said as seen in the virtual broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat Youtube channel, while presenting his letters of credence to President Joko ” Jokowi” Widodo at the State Palace in Jakarta.

Prior this assignment, he served as Special Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs. He is a 1988 batch IFS officer.

Watch the interview here…

Indoindians Talks with Indian Ambassador H.E Manoj K Bharti covered the following questions:
  1. Please tell us briefly about yourself?
  2. Had you visited Indonesia before your appointment as ambassador? What about Indonesia/Indonesians struck/impressed/surprised you most ?
  3. Last year has been super challenging globally. What have been the 3 big lessons from the pandemic personally and professionally?
  4. Describe your vision for Indian embassy and its activities in Indonesia going forward?
  5. Can you briefly describe Indiaโ€™s current status vis-a-vis bilateral relationship with Indonesia? What are the focus areas?
  6. India and Indonesia have long shared history with many artefacts still existing. Is there an intent to change the narrative so that it can now be an active partnership on the world arena?
  7. It is a matter of pride for us that India is taking on the role as โ€˜Pharmacy of the worldโ€™ is this equally welcome in Indonesia
  8. India has a much to offer to the world and especially to Indonesia in the areas of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education and IT.
  9. What would be your message to the Indian diaspora in Indonesia?