Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Are You Just Too Busy?

slow down and smell the roses

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Are You Just Too Busy?

Namaste Friends,

Life can never be too busy for the things that matter most. This week, take the “I’m not busy challenge”. All you have to do is commit to not responding to anyone with how busy you are (even if it feels like you are totally swamped). Don’t even adjust your schedule. Just change your language. It will be harder than you think. You’ll stumble on what words to use to replace the cultural norm. Try “exciting” or “full” or “productive” or maybe “all kinds of fun things”. Then begin to act like it.

Articles in our newsletter this week:

  • Tips for Relaxation
  • Do You Eat Mindfully? asks Aditi Srivastava, Diet Consultant
  • Mindfulness Practice – A Creative Mind
  • 7 Effective Time Management Tips for 2023
  • List of 10-Minute Self-Care Routines
  • 5 Ways To Enhance Your Well Being
  • Striking the Perfect Balance Between Work and Life 😀
  • 6 Ways to Prevent Mental Burnout
  • Feeling Tired At Work? Recharge by ‘Power Napping’!

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Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Are You Just Too Busy?