Indoindians Weekly Newsletter October 12, 2017


Subject: Upcoming Events, Profile, and New Articles on

Recently, our contributor Aruna Harjani interviewed Ankit Bathla, a young, rising Indian actor who is currently enjoying huge popularity in Indonesia. Read his interesting career #journey and how he made into the place he is now.

In preparation to Diwali, we have gathered information about the best Indian makeup, henna artists, and saree drapers in Jakarta to help you looking the best during the celebration. There are also the list of special Diwali products and services, prepared by Indians in Indonesia. And because the festival is incomplete without sweets, read our Diwali #sweets recipes to try at home.

Other new articles to read are about the recent Googleโ€™s Pixel Earbuds (which can be your personal translator), innovative cooking with a waffle iron, and mood-boosting scents to sniff and lift your energy.

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