Indoindians Weekly Newsletter October 26, 2017


#IndoindiansProfile: Raakhee Punjabi

Subject: Indoindians Workshop, Profile, and New Articles on

Indoindians weekly newsletter features our Blogging Workshop, Rakhee Punajabi’s profile, and many new articles such as:

  • Top 6 natural antiviral herbs that will help you to boost your immune system and attack viral pathogens
  • Diwali message from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
  • Opportunities to study in India for Indonesian students
  • Places to visit and enjoy the beautiful autumn colors
  • Indian food recipe: Molanga Podi (gun powder) Spice Powder
  • Kendari Werk, the legendary traditional silver and gold filigree of Indonesia
  • And where to shop or sell gold in Jakarta

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