Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Upcoming Events & Interesting Info on Indonesia

Upcoming Events & Interesting Info on Indonesia
Namaste Friends,
Amid renewed fears over a new Covid variant Omicron, Indonesia has extended its quarantine period for international arrivals from 3 days to 7 days. Foreigners from high risk countries are barred from entry and Indonesian arrivals from high risk countries have to quarantine for 14 days.
Covid restrictions PPKM level 3 are being implemented from Dec 24 – Jan 2 throughout Indonesia.
Upcoming Events:
Friday, 3rd Dec | 11.30am: Looking forward to meeting all the people who have registered for the Indoindians meetup. This is the first in a series of meetups in line with the ongoing health & safety situation in Jakarta. More at
Friday 10th Dec | 4pm: Indoindians Online Event – How to Store and Maintain Your Sarees. Register at
Despite all this gloom and doom, we are very grateful to be living here in Indonesia and this newsletter features many interesting articles on Indonesia:
  • 5 Tips for First-Timers
  • The Rare Fruits of Indonesia
  • 5 Oldest Train Stations
  • Mangrove Forests With Beautiful Views
  • Romantic Destinations in Bali for Couples
  • All About Travelling with Campervans
  • 7 Destination Tour Buses
  • 6 Books About Indonesia’s Tourist Destinations
  • All About the Omicron Virus
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