Indoor Plants That Clean Air and Liven Up Your Home

Air-Cleaning Indoor Plants to Liven Up Your House

Vibrant green potted plants can enliven any room in your house. Plants can purify air inside the house, thus improve air quality.

Here are our recommendations on houseplants which can really work as natural air purifiers:

Boston Ferns

Ferns have a role to remove more formaldehyde than any other plant. They’re also efficient at removing other indoor air pollutants, such as xylene and benzene (especially if your house is located on the side of the road). These plants like to be watered regularly, and depending on the humidity and moisture of your house, you may need to water them daily.

Aloe Vera


This versatile plant is not only good for your beauty and health, but also great to purify the air in your house. It needs a plenty of sunlight to grow, so it is recommended to place the plant near the window or the room with semi-opaque roof panels.



This cute miniature trees are also the options for you to purify the air. Although genuine bonsai are expensive, they have more decorative value than any other indoor plants. If you want to place bonsai in your house, choose the ones that need only little maintenance and sunlight like Ficus Salicifolia.

Snake Plant


This plant can freshen up the air by producing a huge amount of oxygen and neutralizes harmful fumes produced by synthetic materials. Since it retains moisture in its leaves, it doesn’t require much watering. It can be set up in any corner of your house or apartment.

Palm Trees


It is very common to find a room decorated with small palm trees. Yes, these plants seem good at removing indoor air pollutants, specifically formaldehyde, and it’s relatively easy to take care of them. There are many kinds of palm trees that you can plant in your house, and the most common kind is the bamboo palm trees.

Peace Lily


Peace Lily is one of the houseplants that will bloom indoors. It has seashell-shaped spathes, and it really brings a cheerful touch to your room. Peace Lily has the ability to remove formaldehyde, benzene, and certain chemicals that are emitted by harsh cleaning products. It also prefers low-light conditions and has a high transpiration rate that will humidify your air. However, be careful if you have children or pets around, as the leaves can be poisonous.

Which ones do you have at home?