Interview with the talented Makeup Artist Sanaya Topandasani


    interview_with_the_talented_makeup_artist_sanaya_topandasaniWondering who the right makeup artist is for you?
    Sanaya Topandasani gives us an insight into what inspires her, what she loves about makeup and a typical day in the life of a makeup artist!

    1. How long have you been a makeup artist and how did you get your start in the industry?
      I have been in this industry of makeup artistry for almost five years now. It actually started off as a hobby more than a job. As a child, I would sneak into my Mom’s bedroom, take all her lipsticks, blush, and put everything I could on my face. When I was a teenager my interest in makeup and all other beauty related things blossomed further. I would spend hours on glossy magazine covers admiring the beautiful work done on artists. My first ‘real’ make up was dolling up my face for my own ‘mehendi occasion’. I felt such a huge sense sense of achievement, a feeling I wanted to experience more often.
    2. What do you love most about makeup?
      All the ladies I apply makeup for are beautiful and lovely in their own ways. But, somehow after we are done with our ‘glamming’ up sessions they end up feeling happier and way more confident about themselves. Very often I hear comments like “ I’ve never felt or looked this beautiful”. That statement is music to my ears. What I love the most is the fact that my work makes a woman feel even more special and beautiful than when they first came in. I believe when women feel confident and special, they shine in all aspects of their lives and become the best version of themselves.
    3. What is your favorite makeup brand?
      I don’t have one particular favorite when it comes to makeup brands. I love to mix products and pick out the best of every brand. I think in this industry new products come out every other week, so as a make up artist I want to try them all. Some of my recent favorites are the new “tarte” eye shadows. I am also obsessed with the matte liquid lipsticks circling the market. Amongst the liquid lips some of my favorite brands are the ‘dose of colors’, ‘Anastasia Beverly hills’, ‘girllactick’ and ‘gerard cosmetics’.
    4. What products do you think should be a staple in every woman’s purse?
      I would say a compact powder, eyeliner and some matte liquid lips. I mean you can even go swimming with these liquid lips…
    5. Where do you get your inspiration? Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?
      Recently, I went to further my makeup education in Dubai, where I went for a course by an LA makeup artist named Tamanna Roashan (aka dressyourface). She has been a great motivator and a very inspirational makeup artist whom I aspire to be one day.
    6. How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
      I think when it comes to signature looks, I really love to do the contour and highlight. People come to me and tell me that they want that ‘chiseled cheekbone look’.Also, what sets me apart from other makeup artists I would say is my ability to listen to my clients. My background in psychology gives me that edge, and I do my best to follow my clients’ preferences in terms of their look. Even though sometimes it would not be what I deem appropriate for them, I spend time listening and showing them other possibilities, so my clients always feel listened to and cared for.
    7. What is your favorite memory of your career so far?
      Hmmmm… I would say… my very first bridal makeup, that too on my best friend (at that time I had a 2 month old baby boy). It was insane and magical at the same time.
    8. What are you most proud of?
      I have recently started makeup classes / workshops. I do group workshops, semi-private classes, as well as private classes. This achievement is what I am most proud of at the moment. The fact that people enjoy hearing me talk, and want to learn my ways and my tricks is both overwhelming and fulfilling. Answering my students’ questions deepens my make up learning too, so we all enrich our knowledge in the process. I believe that in this way, I am creating a ripple affect and we will have more and better make up artists in our midst.
    9. What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?
      The worst mistake I would say is when they use a foundation shade that is much lighter than their natural skin colour. Another one is a “ crooked eyeliner”.
    10. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?
      So.. this is a very important one.. every women should follow this advice ( including myself ) as I am guilty of this too. Never ever fall asleep with your makeup on. Go to sleep with a clean face. Take care of your skin. The better your skin is, the better you will look after makeup.
    11. A piece of advice for others aspiring to enter and succeed in the makeup business?
      I believe that there is never an end to learning especially in this industry. It is the most fast growing industry today. New techniques and products come every so often, so always stay curious, be willing to share and grow, and brush up our skills. Lots of practice doesn’t hurt too.
    12. What would you have done if you hadn’t been a makeup artist?
      I guess I would have been a psychologist/ counselor, which is what my degree is in. But, my work as a make up artist is so close to my heart, since it allows me to follow both my passions-understanding people while playing with colours, which in turn makes them more confident.
    13. You have also started makeup classes, can you tell us about it?
      Yes.. it is absolutely one of the most amazing things in my career thus far. I get to share my tips and tricks, and guide ladies through their makeup journeys.So far I have had 4 group workshops, and four private groups, which consist of minimum of five people per group. In these classes, I go through everything step by step from the application of foundation, contour and highlight, and different eye techniques.As of now, I have reached out to almost 100 students. I didn’t expect to reach out to so many students in such a short period of time. ‘I believe that when you loving what you do with all the passion in the world, the world rejoices with you!’
      interview_with_the_talented_makeup_artist_sanaya_topandasani4Big, big thank you to Sanaya for taking out the time to do this interview with me!
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      By Zareen Akbany